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Literature and Reading

Most people want to be kept informed about issues that are important to them. There are many resources that can be used for this, such as the different forms of literature. Then there are those that are looking for some form of entertainment. For them, one option is reading a good book. Undoubtedly, in both of these cases, it comes down to the written word. Which clearly outlines the importance of literature no matter what form it is in. Books have been around for centuries, and there is no indication that modern technology will ever replace them. Nor will their importance diminish.

Why You Should Join a Book Club

18 Apr 2021

As a reader, there are numerous benefits to joining a book club. You have people challenge you when you don't feel like reading. You can also compare reviews and change recommendations. It is also a chance to exchange books and meet new people both online and offline.

Audiobooks; the New Way to Consume Literature

8 Mar 2021

There have been concerns about a dwindling reading culture worldwide. However, a new model of consuming literature is here to save the situation. Audiobooks are a new way for people who may not have the time or enthusiasm to flip pages to enjoy and benefit from the written word.

The Most Popular Book Genres

4 Feb 2021

Whether fiction or non-fiction, there are some book genres that seem to maintain their popularity. Romance books are popular among both male and female readers. People love reading crime books too. Lately, the history category is experiencing a growth in popularity too, as is the sci-fi and fantasy genre.