Zeus Book App

The Zeus Book App

With all thread data in one handy app. The Team Zeus is a responsive web application that should adapt to the size of your desktop screen. Very easy to book, friendly team and nice places. I' d book here again any time and highly recommend Zeus! The Zeus Hotel makes it possible to book hotels online from the comfort of your own home.

The Screw Thread Calculator App is the "modern Zeus book".

The free iPhone app "Hague Calc - Screw Thread Calculator" has only been available in the AppStore for 4 working nights, but has already been critically acclaimed all over the world. With the first show downloads of Apple's first ever show review doubling every single tradingday, the app has been very well accepted in the US & Canada, Australia, India, China, Japan, Russia and across Europe.

Zeus is a useful utility that has been in the pockets of every engineer for over half a hundred years and that not only provides datasheets for the screw thread for which our application was developed, but we are proud and somewhat modest with this notion. And if you haven't had a game with our FREE Screw Thread Calculator, go to the AppStore and start downloading it now.

Simply enter "Hague" or "Screw" in an AppStore quest and you will see The Hague Calc app for direct access to your phone.

Hague Screw Thread Calculator in the App Store

Discard these threaded tables and threaded logs, because Hague Fasteners brings you the ultimate Engineers Thread Companion. You can now see all the information you need for Unified & Whitworth Imperial Screw Threats along with ISO Metric and Customizing Threats. A convenient computer that shows all the information you need for UNC, UNF, UNEF, BSW, BSF, Metric Coarse & Metric Fine, along with the ability to generate any non-standard user-defined tap hole diameter / tap hole lead to see all your rated sizes. or typographic inaccuracies.

Before use, all sensitive information should be reviewed and compared to the corresponding international standard. With all the threaded information in one convenient app. Revision 2 supplements the tap diameter and the full adaptation and production of all possible tap lead / TPI combination. It' a pleasant surprise that it is a useful pocket computer and no advert.

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