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Click here for tips that you can receive free of charge directly in your inbox. Did you wonder if your writing is good enough to make it as a freelance writer? Insiders: When do I know when I'm writing well enough?

When is your writing good enough? From a first readership in a writing group making'suggestions'. But at some point you start to find your own way by using the experiences of the past to get through your present venture, and you just know it. When is good - or at least "good enough" to be sent to your agent/publisher?

"That' s actually something I have a great deal to fight with - especially because, frankly, I NEVER think that my writing is good. I am one of those authors who did not like writing, but wrote ADORES. I' m always feeling like a coincidence and that my writing isn't good enough, so I usually send it before I think it's done.

But I think the most important things are the character and the key message - if I think these two things work, then all the little things can be solved with my editor in the next editing phase. "What I look at before I enter a work is whether a) the character has a powerful voyage / bow - that they have altered and learned something in the course of the work and b ) that the storyline makes good and is credible.

"However, I do not suggest that you do not make copies before you send it. Always printing and editing my text on hard copy, especially in search of repetitions of gestures/emotions, ways to streamline writing and ensure that the dialogues sound-real. Words all of a sudden seem strange: the way someone else has written them.

However, the typeface now has its own unmistakable character: it is a work of art. "To me, because I have such a good rapport with my editor and because I appreciate her comments, I'll let her know when I'm willing to give her that. "I' ve got a certain redesign that I' m going through, which usually means I'm doing four sketches and then a cleanup, and at this point I usually feels like I' m getting a little bit prepared for another bunch of eyeballs.

It' s too early before that; I unfold the storyline and the storyline and develop the character further and would therefore waste their feedbacks on these items if I had sent it before I made these outlines. "I' d really like your feed-back on how a readership would react to the storyline, character and storyline I made, so I have to have those items in place before I do it.

So, I don't hesitate until it's perfectly good; I just mail it to her when I have a question I want to hear her opinion on, like - is the unveiling of the mystery too sluggish, too quick, too hard to comprehend, etc.? "Whenever I' m good enough to write it, I don't know.

I sometimes turn it away before it's done. I usually do when I'm thrilled with it. "One day you don't have to try and expect good writers. If it' as good as you think you can make it, let some trustworthy betas readers buff.

"If it felt'good' or'complete'. "And I think everyone has their own idea of what is good and what they like. I' m never sure if it's good enough, so I really enjoy deadline, because then I just have to submit it!

Last weeks new work I sent to my editor, and the few times I had to await her to give me feedbacks and tell her was like torturing. If I think it's almost done, I give it to my two familiar readership - my man and my girl - to see what they think (not that they ever said they hate anything!).

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