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The Lighthouse's Young Writers Workshops are designed to encourage creativity, self-portrayal and enthusiasm for writing. YWL is a free literary after-school program for international multilingual high school students. K'in Young Writers Section Guidelines. Most of Sanskruti's life she enjoyed creative writing, but this is her first time writing a play for young writers. YWAC (Young Writers & Artists Conference) offers students the opportunity to discover a variety of topics related to writing and creative art.

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So I went to the sea and written "Long may Ziggy Stardust" in the sands to remember one of the greatest artist of our age. But that' s okay because it was made to mark its passing days in this earth, and since it was wiped away, I couldn't help but think that he got it as a present from one who was (and still is) inspiredwho.

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Designed for young authors

We are a fellowship of young authors (13-18 years) from over 120 different nationalities. Discover our ever-changing Prompt collection as you set up a periodic typing lab and broaden your style repertory while you build your sophisticated workbook. You can see how your typing improves when you find your own part.

Take part in contests to get feedbacks from contributors, educators and other professionals. It'?s a societal act. Work with a lively, worldwide fellowship and get input from contributors around the globe. Make insignia while you create your workbook.

Light your letter to live! Eliminate writer's inhibitions, go beyond your convenience area, explore themes and style - from text books to memoirs, poetry, and tweet-tensions. Contests are an encouragement to delve more deeply into the creative processes, try out new musical tastes and work with a plethora of avid audiences.

And, because a first design is never flawless, you can get your last song in for review and review before submission. Winner gets $100, runner-up and best interviewer gets $50. Evaluation by experts: In the first few weeks, send in a design and get your comments from our specialist staff - writers, scribes and educators.

Composing is a very important part of life. Some of the best authors design and revise their work - often on the basis of feedbacks they get from their group. Giving each other mutual support encourages each other to hold on to it! You can see in this reviewer that a young author gives her testimonial:

Answer P2R queries (in the right column). Allows you to do a 5 star rating (and take feedbacks in step). Are you particularly interested in creating a novel in a singular phrase, rhyming or bringing your own experiences to the site? Read our spelling guidelines for more detail.

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