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Today I learned that my two children who took part in a poetry competition for young writers at school are to publish their works. Newest tweets from Young Writers (@YoungWritersCW). Take part in our Young Writers competition and win a brand new Kindle. Bringing leading writers and journalists to schools and universities to work with young writers like you. The Cuckoo Young Writers are young people in the North of England who love to write.

And Jill Papworth on the children's pageant, which looks like a moneymaking drill.

There is a note in it that inspires everyone. It is from a firm named Young Writers that announces that "an inventive minisaga - a 50-word or less story", typed by your 10-year-old and sent in by your college, has been selected for publishing in a work. "Adventure Starts Here is the eighteenth yearly young authors' contest and we have won more than 20,000 entries from across the UK and overseas," it says.

"So I am pleased to inform you that Julie's play has been picked for release. "This is a credential of achievement that certifies that Julie Smith (not her actual name) has created a young writers award that has been picked for inclusion in an Young Writers book.

After her proud mum and dad congratulated her, your kid goes to go to class on the seventh clouds to tell his buddies and educators about her work. The majority of their friends' families got the same letters. Their humor will take another nosedive if you reread the deed in detail and find that it is going to cost you £14. 99 plus 2. 50 postal charges to buy the product that contains your child's work.

However, it seems a terrible amount to be paying for something where your real interest is in only 50 valuable words your kid has spelled - the remainder won't have quite the same allure, let's face it. That was the scene for my daughters and many of her boyfriends last weekend.

The majority of his or her folks were happy to receive the first copy of the note, and despite the costs, some of them responded to their children's requests to order at least one copy - "pester power" is difficult to withstand if your kid seems to have accomplished so much and wants Mom and Pa to buy the deed.

However, most were more skeptical when they heard that practically all of the school's contributions were approved for publishing - a spokesman for the Young Authors told me that between 60% and 80% were public. Were they wondering, perhaps more about making a living with proud but credulous families than a real literature effort by their young?

In the past, our daughters needed particular help with literacy, and when we found that she was selected to publish her tale, we were so proud that both her father and I were in literal crying. It made it seem as if her work had been picked out, and that was a tremendous accomplishment for her.

When I found out that all of her friends' tales had been selected and that the books had only been bought by a parent and would not be available in bookstores or library, I realized that it must be a money-making task. In this way I find the game with the feelings of my elders and kids completely unheard of.

" The National Association for the Teaching of English Chairwoman, Elaine Millard, says: "I would refuse. On uk's website there is no guidance on how to spell well - it's up to the schools - and no obvious child comment.

It is also very costly and, together with parents' wish not to make their kids uncomfortable, puts great strain on them at a times when many have to pay every cent. It would be better for them to spend their moneys on the many beautiful children's literature that is available for half the cost in bookstores to buy for reading with their young.

" Instead, for those who want to promote their children's creativity, look at web sites, including uk and, where kids can post and post their texts for free and get feedbacks from their colleagues, Mme. Millard proposes. Renowned domestic typing contests are also definitely something to look at.

The National Literacy Trust website,, provides parenting with a listing of those available for both children and adults. - Young Writers was asked by Guardian Money to answer the question he had asked, but refused to speak.

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