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Ashford Daisy is famous for writing The Young Visitors. Competion and writing information exclusively for young authors. So I thought I could chat about My Book here for those of you who are writers. It can take a while to get an idea for a book, but these few steps can give you a head start as a young writer. You can meet other authors online and in person.

Twenty-three writers who were famed at the tender ages of 23

Whilst it is not as simple for writers to become popular at a young age as pop artists, it is still not unknown that hardly any legitimate writers find glory, prosperity and even happiness. The Guptara Brothers, 11 years old, living in Switzerland but living in Great Britain, have finished the first design of their first novel, Conspiracy of Calaspia.

Jyoti was featured in The Wall Street Journal when he was 15. In the same year, the second book of the narrative, Warrior Code/Codex Cumulus, was issued in German. Twenty-three now, the Gemini have recently finished book three in their narrative. At 12, the monozygotic pair Brianna and Brittany had finished their first novel, The Strand Prophecy.

Her book was distributed nationally by Barnes & Noble at the tender age of 13. At the end of the tenth class Brianna and Brittany had finished 4 books, a script, a comicbook and a book. When they were 17 years old, the twin were presented in the exhibition "Young Icons" at the CW.

Her third and last novel in her Strand line and the first book in a new line are scheduled to be released this year, all before graduation. Korman sent one of his finished paperwork to Scholastic at the tender of 12, in the seventh year of his life; the same year the script was released as This Can't Be happening in Macdonald Hall, which became the first in a serial.

At the end of high he had five publications. He had 11 printed works at the tender of 23. At almost 17 years of age, Mary Godwin falls in romance with Percy Shelley, who was five years older than her, just before she was 17.

She later that year remarried Percy Shelley and gave birth to one of her daughters. Maria had finished the Frankenstein script before her twentieth year. At 20 years of age, Mary edits and publishes Mary Historical of a Six Weeks' Tour, in which she chronicles her group's journey from 1814. Her novel was released at the tender of 21, but anonymous, so the reader could have assumed that the writer was Percy Shelley.

At 18 Shelley wrote a novel, Zastrozzi, and 2 volumes of poems, one with his sibling Elizabeth and the other with his fianc? When he was 18 years old while visiting Oxford, he wrote another novel, St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian, and a paper on at-heism. Shelley fled with a 16-year-old Harriet Westbrook just after he was 19.

At 21, he had written another great poet, Queen Mab. Shelley released 3 more works before he turned 24. Drouet was said not to have spoken at the tender ages of 6, but when she listened to a Brahms cycle, she fainted and began to speak when she woke up. It also began to compose poems. At 8 years of age Drouet's poetic work was widely debated and widely accepted by the written world, some of whom believed that the adopted dam of the young woman was the real-writer.

Drouet had demonstrated her skills within a year by written poetry in front of testimonies, among them a test for acceptance into the French society of authors, composers and music publishers. André Parinaud wrote a book about her, L'Affaire Minou Drouet, when Drouet was about 9 years old. Drouet released her first book, Arbre money a mi, in 1957, at the age of 10, which according to the New Yorker was "phenomenally successful".

" Drouet was on the road from about 10 to 18 years of age both as an writer and as a singer. She used to play keyboard and guitars. While she was there, she continued publishing three further works. Drouet had written two more before he was 23. Greven released his first book How to Talk to Girls at the tender ages of 9, which began as a student work.

On January 4, 2009, the book made it onto the New York Times best-seller lists. Greven released three more works in 2009: At the age of about 11 years in 2010, he released Rules for School. He is available in 17 different states. At the age of 4, Hilda Conkling began to write verses which she recited to her mom who recorded the same.

Mrs Conkling later recited the verses to her daugher, who corrected everything her mom had mistaken. Hilda has written most of her verses between the years of 4 and 10, during which period her verses were featured in journals, among them Good Housekeeping. Her first volume of verse, Poems by a Little Girl, was released at the tender of 10.

When she was 12, her second line, Shoes of the Wind, followed by a third line, Silverhorn, when she was 14. At 15, her poetry was incorporated into the Silver Pennies manuscript. When she was 11, Keller composed a brief novel, The Frost King, which she sent as a present to the director of the Perkins Institute for the Blinds; the novel was then featured in the school's graduate program and was followed by a deaf-blind educational publication, The Goodson Gazette.

While at Radcliffe College, when she was 22 years old, Keller released her biography The Story of My Life. Follett was 4 years old when he wrote poems. At 13, Follett's book by Knopf was successfully released and brought glory to the young writer. She was 14 when she released The Voyage of the Norman D. and in the same year her dad left the group.

In the next few years Follett composed several more scripts, but she never released anything else, and she vanished at the tender ages of 25. When she was 15, Atwater-Rhodes saw the release of In the Forest of the Night, her first book, although it was a year later than anticipated. On the eve of her sixteenth anniversary, she released Demon in My View, a continuation of her first book.

Atwater Rhodes finished high-school a year early at the tender age of seventeen and released Shattered Moon, her third book. Approximately 8 month after the release of Shattered Moon when she was 18, Atwater-Rhodes released Midnight Predator. When she was 19, she released her fifth novel, Hawksong, her first non-vampire book, which was named Best Book of the Year by the Journal.

Paolini finished high-school at 15 and then began to write his first book. He was 18 years old when his book Eragon was released by his parents' publishing house and Paolini went on a 135-hour promotional trip. At 19, Paolini's book was re-published and was on the New York Times best-seller listing.

As a 21-year-old Paolini composed an article for the Anthologie Guys Write for Guys Read and released his second book in the publication Heritage Cycle, Eldest. Hinton began working on her first book at the tender of 15, which she finished at the tender of 16. Hinton had been suffering for three years from the writer's blockade as a consequence of the media coverage and pressures - which included the term "The Voice of Youth" - that surrounded the outsiders.

In 1970, Hinton was writing her second book in steps of two pages per diem; she got remarried to her friend a few month after the completion of the script in the middle of the year. She turned 20 years old. Her second novel, That Was Then, This Is Now, was released in 1971. At 13 years of Age Bryant released The Embargo, a witty poetry that attacked President Thomas Jefferson; the poetry quickly went out of print and required a second (expanded) issue, partly due to advertising about Bryant's years.

At some point around 1813 (or sooner or later, according to the source), when Bryant was a young man, he described what became known as "Thanatopsis". "When he was 21 years old, Bryant was encouraged to compose the book "To a Waterfowl" after seeing a canard fly over the sundown. In 1816 he started as a lawyer because the money for the poems was not very good.

Ellis was a part-time artist in the 1980' before publishing music. Ellis had his first novel, Less Than Zero, composed at the tender of 21, for which the film was acquired before the book was even out. In 1985, when the book was released, it was criticised by many and appeals against the book prompted Simon & Schuster to let Ellis go.

Ellis released his second novel, The Rulings of Attraction, at the tender of 23. His first enrolment in college was at the tender ages of eight, and he finished the work of two classes in just six-week. When he was 18 years old, his first autographed paper was released. When he was 19, his tale "Great Bugs of Onondaga" was printed in two papers; then he left college to work as a journalist and author.

During 1892, when Crane was 20, he had 14 unsigned tales released in the New York Tribune. When Crane was 21, he released his first book, A Girl of the Streets, later Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, which is regarded as "the first work of US naturalist literature".

" Crane also began working on a novel of battle at the tender of 21, sold tales to papers to earn a living and wrote a fistful of poetry every single working night; his first poetry compilation, The Black Riders and Other Lines, was adopted by a publishing house this year. Shortly after the turn of 23, Crane's history of guerrilla action, The Red Badge of Courage, was mass-produced, and he set off on a journey through the West (USA) to publish a series of synthesized newsletters.

During 23, Crane began work on 2 new novels-George' s Mother and The Third Violet-and eventually saw the release of The Black Riders, which created some excitement about his unorthodox poetics. Even when he was 23 years old, Crane's The Red Badge of Courage appeared in book format and lived 4 month on best-seller listings across the nation, with two or three more prints in 1895.

Oyeyemi was a student of The Icarus Girl, her first novel. She has written two pieces in colleges, which were staged at high schools and later released by a UK publisher. Oyeyemi was 20 when he released The Icarus Girl. Her second novel, The Opposite House, was written by Bloomsbury two years later, at the tender tender age of 22.

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