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These include literary fiction, commercial fiction and commercial women's literature. BA is a leading London-based firm representing authors in all media - books and screenplays for film, television, radio and theatre. It is Jennifer's writing paranormal for young adults, science fiction, fantasy and contemporary romance.

Three Seas Agency

Three Seas is a full-service frahlingur, and we want to promote the career of our writers! More than 50 writers are represented, who are writing novels, women's literature, scientific fiction/fantasy, thriller, youth and intermediate literature as well as selected non-fiction books. During the fifteen years since the opening of the agent office, our agencies have successfully distributed to all the big publishers.

You have been named for a number of renowned prizes, among them RITA, the Golden Heart, the Holt Medal, the RT Reviewer's Choice, the ALA Best Book for Young Adults, the School Library Journal Best Book and the Bookseller's Best. They are very actively involved in the printing world. Each year they attend events and talk at countless local and supraregional meetings and report regularly on their experience in the field of publication.

We' re so proud of the astonishing, gifted writers we currently have. Seas is a RWA-approved agent, and we are a member of the Association of Authors' Agents (AAR), in which we firmly believe in and abide by its ethics canon. Please click on a title to see the author's biopage!

Who we are

Our direct cooperation with publishing houses all over the globe, both directly and through a subagents and scout networks. It is in this consolidating and conglomerate environment that many publishing houses and companies are bundling their strengths, bundling their ressources and expanding to face up to the competitive environment. Being a small company, we can provide a more personalized approach by working more intimately with our customers to make their work as commercially viable as possible.

Our team is in permanent touch with the writers of the major and minor British and foreign publishers and of course the film and television industry and is proud to find the right house on the right shortlist for the right work. ETHERNET is a children's tale in which grown-ups keep control.

Strengthen your children in an inventive way. Point-of-view - If your character is a kid, let's see their universe through their own vision AND from above. PHYSICAL AREA - Start the game and keep it in motion. You keep some of your own and push the game. We very seldom come across a history that is willing to go.

First of all, we need to get together with prospective customers to talk about your script's idea and possible editing guidelines. It' s important that both sides reach an agreement that they can work together and that prospective customers prove their capacity to hear and consider their own comments and, of course, to protect their own wills.

A book is only published if it is good and willing to hold its own in a very demanding world. I' ve had the good fortune to work in many different forms in the publisher business over the last two years. I was part of the office manager teams at Etc and purchased children's and YA literature in shops all over London.

Co-founded Old Street Publishing. Before I turned to mediation, I purchased, ordered and processed, researched and ghostly wrote pictures. I' m a publicised author in my own right and have had the privilege of working with good and evil agent from the other (your) side of the rail.

I' m a regular speaker at author conventions and events like the Winchester and York Writers' Festival, but also at arts classes like the Golden Egg Academy and groups like the London Writers' Group about authoring for kids and young people.

My networking with alumni of all important study programmes in the field of creativity and I am looking for customers and contact persons from all over the publisher's work. I have a wealth of expertise and a vast ecosystem of business associates, peers and tutors who are always available for you.

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