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This can be a women's literature, an intelligent thriller, a funny mystery, a historical fiction or a middle class and youth literature. "It' s The Perfect Query Letter." This can be a women's literature, an intellectual suspense novel, a funny enigma, a historic destiny or a literature for the medium and young. Nonfiction can be for grown-ups, young grown-ups or intermediate classes. And, at the end, add the request note.

She has a passion for contemporary urbane imagination, young adult literature, romanticism and all other kinds of business fictions.

It is Barbara's search for high Octan thrills, fancy enigmas, literary and upscale literature and YA. She is looking for all kinds of literary and upscale literature as well as highly conceptual business literature; she can't withstand a powerful sound, an atmosphere of letters or a singular rub. It is open for articles powered by platforms as well as selected articles in the areas of life style, spa and storyboard.

While Whitney is looking for literature for the mid-sized business, young adults and adults in all styles, with a focus on historic, SF & imagination, romantic and modern literature. Viktoria is looking for medium and young adult literature, both literary and business. The book presents contemporaries, fantasies, sci-fi, magic and horrors and selected narratives.

Viktoria would not be the best option for pre-scriptive non-fiction, New Age/religious/spirituality, populist studies, new adults or regent novels. Our work does not include poesy, inspiring literature, scripts or children's pictures. Has my request for information been handwritten and proof-read by a professional? First, select the agents you want to contact. Send a request and the first ten pages together with a summary (3-5 paragraphs) and a biography in the text of an e-mail to the agents of your choosing.

Do NOT send e-mails to the agents to their own e-mail address and do not send them to more than one of our agents. When your request is of interest, the agents you have contacted can forward it here to another agents, or they can contact you themselves.

We should automatically answer as soon as you submit your request. Due to the high amount of emails we are receiving, we will only answer your request if we are interested in seeing more, usually within 6-8 week; please do not continue and do not call.

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