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Yennifer L. Armentrout 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling writer JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT is based in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Spending her days literacy, training, looking at really poor zoomorphic films, faking pretense and hang out with her man and Jack Russel Loki.

She began her dream of becoming an writer in the alphabetical classes, where she spends most of her life composing shorts...... which accounts for her gloomy marks in mathematics. It is Jennifer's work for young adults, sci-fi, phantasy and modern romanticism. She' s on Tor Teen, Harlequin Teen, Disney-Hyperion and Enangled Teen.

It is also writing Adult and New Adult Romanze, released by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins, under the name J. Lynn. BATES made her first full-length script in high schools and was engaged at the tender of 19 to compose her memoirs, Marni, for HCI's Louder Than Words serial (selected by the New York Public Library for her Stuff for the Teen Age List).

The Disney Channel selected her first novel, Awkward, as a TV film. In her Smith High School serial, she has written five books that have been converted into English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Portugues. It was only after launching various careers that Dusti realised that her real love was in the world of work.

Currently she is living with her man, three girls, a bob cat, a pack a coyote, a few chuck wallas, several rattle snakes and a few flocks of javelins in Carefree, Arizona. Dusti's first novel IN THE AFFAIRS OF AACTUS will be published in 2017 by Sterling Children's Block.

Haily Chewins was raised in Cape Town, South Africa, in a home so full of reading fortuitously. He spent a year studying classic singing before moving on to a diploma in English literature and Italian. Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a home full of arts, musicians and colours, with her man, a small dog and a Husky who works as an escapist.

Their first novel THE TOURNAWAY GRIRLS will be released in autumn 2018 in Candlewick. She' s got two twenty-year-olds, an old man and too many machines to number. If she doesn't write a story or piece of code, she travels to remote locations or watches television shows about the real world. Julia was the first YA novel of her time, followed by Fade to Us (St. Martin's Press, 2018).

Margoret Dilloway is the international renowned writer of books on the medium and female literature. Your Mumotaro Mid-Degree Phantasy show (Disney-Hyperion) is about a modern half-Japanese kid who finds out that he is the mythical fighter who fights the Onys, who has to use his new forces with the help of his family.

Their first medium-sized modern novel, Summers of a Thousand Pies, will be published in winter 2019 by Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins. Living in San Diego with her man, three children and a cuddly golden doodle called Gatsby, who plays in the Momotaro show. BRITTANY GERAGOTELIS, an Olympic-bound athlete during her teenage years, always thought that one of these days she would see her name in the papers.

She got through this fantasy as an editorial journalist, where she had the opportunity to interviews prominent people like Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus and Jamie Foxx, and to publish teenage textbooks in her reviews section. Having published her first novel, Life's a Witch, on the Wattpad Fellowship write-page and received nearly 18 million readings of the para-normal Romanticism, she ended up at an online sale with Simon & Schuster for Young Readers.

Brittany, a self-proclaimed popular cultural junky, currently resides in New York with her friend and two kittens, Murray and Cohen. Winner of the Watty Award, ALISON GERVAIS is a Colorado State University Pueblo alumnus who has been a writer for as long as she can recall. When she is not in class or study, you can find her re-reading Harry Potter, observing Supernatural or trying to gain the affections of her kitten.

Their first novel IN 27 DJs, which has collected over 15 million readings on the WattPad, will be published by HarperCollins/Blink in 2017. Angelino, MICHELE DOMINGUEZ GREENE visited the USC, studied drama and written creativity. Began to write shorts, scripts and journal article with contributions in Los Angeles Times Magazin, Animal Wellness and others.

The Jaguar (HarperCollins), her first novel Chasing The Jaguar, has been short-listed for an American Library Association prize and is on the literacy list for young people across the state. She is passionate about different cultures and loves works of art, videogames, horse back rides, mediaeval weapons and the gastronomic excellence behind a well-balanced Nacho plat.

Born in Hawaii, where she once again lives with her husbands and their large families of search and rescue dogs. CRISTINA JUNE will write modern literature for young adults if she does not write a letter of reference during her daily work as a counsellor. Loving the little things in one' s live that help someone find out who they want to be - whether it's their disciples or their people.

She' s alive with her man and the world' s wildest five-year-old. She made her début novel It Started With Goodbye on Blink/HarperCollins in 2017, followed by accompanying fiction Everywhere You Want to Be 2018 and No Place Like Here 2019. TIFFANY KING, USA Today bestselling novelist, is a life-long reader freak who now fulfills her dreams as a novelist by creating love stories for young adults and new adults.

She' s got a lovely spouse and two beautiful children. AYLA KLUVER is living in Wisconsin with her wife and her mother (Nina, her cat). Their first young adults triology, Legacy, Allegiance, and Sacrifice, was released by Harlequin Teen and links the mysteries, romanticism and warlike realms in the mid-earth.

The company has received a number of top awards in the sector, including the Reader Views Literary Awards, the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, the National Best Books Awards and the Young Voices Foundation. Their most recent books are the heirs of the Chrior range, also by Harlequin Teen. Besides her work as a writer, Cayla also likes to sing, play, ride horses and be together with my boyfriends and mates.

A prizewinning, RITA®-nominated romantic novelist for grown-ups and teenagers. Shattered Souls and Fragile Spirit have been chosen for the Spirit of Texas Reading Program 2017. This is Mary living on an islet in the midst of a stream. If she doesn't write, she struggles with her rude herd of three teenagers, two Cairn Terriers and a spouse.

Born in Asheville, North Carolina, she is living with her man and two cubs. Jennie's first novel, Jennie's ON THE LINE, a novel for young adults, will be released in 2018 by Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner. Currently she is living in Los Angeles with her wife and daughter. Their second novel for young adults, CAMP SO-AND-SO, was released by Carolrhoda Lab in 2017, and their third novel I, CLAUDIA, will be released in autumn 2018.

A graduate of the University of California San Diego, she has a degree in Korea Intellectual Property Law and a Master of Arts in Computer Graphics. She is a graduate of Lesley University in Korea and a graduate of the university. REBEL SEOUL, her début YA sci-fi novel, was published in 2017 by Tu Books/Lee and Low. In those few years she has spent her whole lifetime in the small village of Colorado, where she is living with her man, two children, a gentle puppy and a female shag.

If she doesn't write a book, she works as a free-lance journalist. The first novel ALL OUT OF PRETTY will be released in 2018 by Creston School. Born in Houston, Texas, where she was able to escape the warmth and moisture by plunging into piles of Baby Sitter's Club and Sweet Valley High book.

A bookseller (fair warning: bibliophiles who become booksellers return half their salary directly to their employers), a knitting pro, a semi-professional bakery worker, and now works as a graphics artist inadvertently. At the moment she is living in the outskirts with her wife, a contemptible puppy and a magnificent cats.

YA modern imagination BY A CHARM AND A CLASSES debuted in 2018 on the label EnangledTeen. New York-born MELISSA ROSKE is an author of modern literature. She made her Charlesbridge début novel Kat Greene Comes Clean in 2017. Their curiosity rose to new levels in London when she received her own guidebook section in the now non-existent teens' journal Annette17.

Her" Lifesucks " columns, in which she replied to several hundred reader's reports every weeks, attracted a faithful - albeit somewhat bewildered - followingers. After her return to the Big Apple, Melissa changed courses and was educated as a live coaching professional at New York University. And so she took on her own personal lifecoach and began to press the key.

Since then Melissa has not ceased, as her tolerant spouse and daugther can confirm. She is currently teaching in the fifth class and is enthusiastic and inspiring by her pupils every single workday. Her spare moments are read (of course) and travelling with her family. She thinks that her thirteen years as a competition diver have taught her the disciplines and stamina to travel through a literary world.

Their mid-range début, EXTRAORDINARY BLIRDS, will be released by Bloomsbury in early 2019. Born in Ohio, where she was raised and wrote tales about her favourite mice. Now all her quests are about her four kids and in the modern MG textbooks she sings.

karma khullar's mussasche, her first novel, was published in the sommer 2017 by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers.

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