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Laura Rennert, an agent who focuses primarily on fiction for adults and young adults. A literary agent for adult and young adult fiction, looking for #ownvoices. Young-grown frahlings: Store Spotlights As we are just around the bend (March 1st) to sell a young grown-up sex life online seminar, I'm concentrating on three young grown-up girls this time. Or, rather, they are literature operatives representing young adults' literature. Whilst some of the operatives can be young grownups, others can be old grownups (but young in heart).

Publish with Writer's Markte Deluxe Edition! From 1921, Writer's Mark helped free-lance authors to get their writings posted and payed for, whether through the search for journals, publishing houses, frahlings, competitions and other marketplaces. There' is a good explanation why young grown-up fiction is so popular: It is suitable for both grown-ups and non-adults.

While young grown-up romances do not draw blows in terms of speech and content, they also focus on people on the brink of maturity - on one side or the other (or with one leg on each side). BookEnd' s Literary Agencies represent non-fiction and literature from young people to grown-ups. BuchEnds is currently receiving requests from publishers and unreleased authors in the fields of romanticism, mysticism, suspense, sci-fi and phantasy, fear, women's fi es, photo albums, mid-range and young people.

Frahlingur Gallt und Zacker specialises in reading for youngsters. At Frahlingur Gallt und Zacker we are representing humans, not a project. "Authors should email certain operatives via their website. Viktoria Sanders & Associates is representing a number of educational and cultural activities for kids and grown-ups.

They say: "Authors who want to get in touch with us about a possible presentation should include a request with the first 3 sections (or about 25 pages) in the text box of the news. "but it can sometimes take longer. Brewer is senior content editor for Writer's Digest authoring community, which involves authoring Writer's and Poet's Markets, Poetic Asides and Writer's Markets blogs, competition review, planning on-line conference reviews, and more.

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