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Adult young fiction writers

He is actively seeking fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, adventure and historical fiction for the middle class. A hundred agents submitting their YA novel now! Looking for YA frahlings to which you can send your novel? I' ve compiled a huge shortlist of a hundred frahlings looking for the next big YA novel (which will be yours, right?).

Please follow the link to the agent's profiles or entry policy to learn more.

Several agents enumerated certain histories they were looking for, so I recorded them here. When there' s nothing special next to an operative, they're probably open to all styles, but keep checking and researching as things can get changed! YA is looking for Lydia Blyfield from the agency Carol Mann with powerful hook/modern topics.

LURA Zats of Red Sofa Literary - especially interested in re-narrations & modern. NONE Dystopy or paranormal/contemporary romantic. The Shannon Hassan of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency - open to a broad spectrum of styles, with a particular interest in variety, contemporary/realistic, magic realisticism, enigma, horror and imagination. The Bent Agency's Heather Flaherty - some YA, but would like to see modern tales with sci-fi or imaginative features, retelling and scare.

The Bent Agency's Susan Hawk - open to enigma, imagination, scifi, humour, boys' literature, historic, contemporary of all genres. The Bent Agency auf der Suche nach "Young adult fiction of all kinds exceptés para-normal romantance. I' d especially like to get my hand on a scary and/or fun young adult modern projects.

This is Andrea Somberg from Harvey Klinger Inc. Andrea Brown Literary Agency's Laura Rennert - "especially in search of modern, multi-cultural, sci-fi/fantasy, para-normal, alternative stories and retelling. The Frahlingur Andrea Brown's Jennifer Rofe is looking for something modern, romantic and city. This is Katie Reed by Andrea Hurst & Associates - all, but especially in search of modern, romantic, sci-fi/fantasy, re-narrations. Andrea Hurst & Associates' Genevive Nine - in search of sci-fi/fantasy, enigma, historic fiction, re-narrations (classic, fairytale, myth), modern.

Greenhouse Literary-"currently very interested in finding a mighty great YA fiction (in the style of Kristin Cashore) and singular modern, realist fiction; also likes history as long as it has great attraction for young people. L. Perkins Agency's Sandy Lu - especially looking for historic Viktorian mystery stories or thrills.

Folio Literary Management's Erin Harris seeks "contemporary, language-driven fiction that approaches the universe of teenage experiences from a surprise or unlikely view. Thriller and mysteries too.

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