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Button books for young readers. MSWL various romantic comedy (adult and YA) forever and ever. Alyssa Carlier - Richie Tankersley Cusick RJ Derrick Diane Duane Carrie Gaffney Jennifer writes young adults paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and contemporary romance.

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This is a series of novels for young adult reading, of publications of different kinds, ranging from modern to cross-over, exploring the life of today's reader. We' re happy to be representing some of the leaders of today's young adult pop culture, from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Niven to Newbery Medal winning Kwame Alexander, and we're always on the lookout for new, thought-provoking and compelling tales from all styles.

For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. A heartbreaking tale comes from the writer of the New York Times bestselling All the Bright Places about what it means to see someone - and to fall in love with someone - who he really is.

His best mate, Henry, has somehow become disturbingly handsome over the course of the year. To spend the summers with her family on the Jersey coast could be the new beginning that Quinn needs. She is also the writer of the books How Myummer Went Up in Flames, Famous Last Words and Theummer After You & Me.

We Are All That's left shows in which way, independent of place and place, fight and drama can give way to a union, a cure and itching. She is also the writer of the National Book Award finalists Out of Reach; There Will Come a Time; and most recently Crazy Messy Beautiful.

She is the Sun, Death Dickinson and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia et The Downside of Being Charlie. Uma's people migrated from Earth to the Moon to live a better way, but the moon is anything but that.

H. Swain is the writer of the futurist thriller titles and the illustrated book All Kinds of Kisses and How Many Hugs.

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