You Write your own Story

Writing your own story

We' re the defenders and the villains and authors of our own history. Did you always want to write a story, like the one in "Freund" or in a favourite book? No more opportunity or need to become a hero and write your own story. Hear how you can write your own story. Write your own story.

It' Your Lifes. You' re writing history.

However, leave all the 2015 era behind us. Let us just think that this evening is 31 December 2015, the last evening of the year. At this time of peacemaking, think about the happenings of your lifetime in 2015. You' re experiencing your greatest achievement, your most awkward mistake and everything in between.

You' re going through the year in your head - like leafing through the trusted pages of a widely read work. People tell tales to understand our worlds, to make our own minds and to inspire others. You' re the one in 2015 who makes the deliberate decision to buy one limo less per person per night, one large volume per person per month or one item less per person per person per week.

She invites us to make this meanings as it is best for us, our homes and ours. We are reminded that in the script of our life we choose what all these requisites mean. You' re the main character who decides which victories you want and will want for yourself and your whole household in 2015.

Peter Parker's pride and indifference led to a string of incidents that led to the deaths of his dear Ben. You' re your biggest foe forever and ever. I' m all too often remembered in my own lives. Since my two wives, Sarah and I, try every weekly to produce unique children's storytelling to enhance the lives of homes around the globe, we meet our just part of the obstruction.

Many of these barriers appear camouflaged as important encounters, funny societal incidents, familial commitments, anxieties or concerns. It seems they come into our life from the outside. If we do not take on the responsibilities of the powers we exercise over our own life, if we leave that authority to diversion, disorder or anxiety, we are the villain.

You' re the one who will stumble in 2015, who will rationalise, who will hear the gentle, intimate sound of anxiety. We' re beings made to look for sense. In the end, what 2015 means to you will be the kind of history you tell yourself every single working days.

In 2015, 365 new possibilities (delivered one after the other) to make small changes that sum up to large inequalities. It is our choice to create the tales of our life in 2015 to be full of attentiveness, thankfulness, and ample loving for each other and for ours. It is our choice to continue writing the tales of our family to be full of goodness and goodness; elasticity and genuineness; recovery and ardor.

It is our choice to compose the tales of our own individual journey to be led by belief and forgive, knowledge and understand. We' re the defender and the villain and the author of our own history. It is up to you and me to make 2015 a history that is well deserving of read. Together they try to improve the valuable amount of daily spending with your and your loved ones.

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