You Write your own Story

Writing your own story

WRITE YOUR OWN STORY is a journal for your stories, from big life events to small everyday situations. If you understand that what you're telling is just a story. And I believe in writing your own story. "FriendshipAndFaith welcomes every woman who tells a story about an intercultural friendship that makes a difference in her life. In short, the best thing I could do was write my own chapter on history.

We' re writing our own life story

After Hugh's crash, when he couldn't speak to me because he was in a compassion and then when he couldn't identify with me because of his head wound, I clearly recall how I felt losing for days and even more. I even asked myself when my boyfriends and my whole household were happy that Hugh had lived, if he did, and I felt so culpable that I felt that way.

That sense of bereavement and torment is referred to as ambivalent bereavement, and it is regarded as one of the most serious casualties one can face because there is no trial of grief. Hugh became more awake and concentrated over the years, and gradually his old personal characteristics returned. and I was in a car.

It' that no one can tell you how your story will end. At the end we all write our own story as only we can. There are those who may think our story is a tragedy, but we see it quite differently. It was not to give but to give a new beginning to those who have been through Learning by Accident the encouragement to build a new beginning... a new way of living as prosperous as the one they had before they took advantage of the conditions they were in.

This applies to all the big problems and trauma in our lives, because sometimes a new beginning is the only possibility that brings us luck. It is powerful when we at last begin to realize that luck does not come from our living conditions, but from the way we see our living conditions.

Virgins write their own story

Over 16 million Algyptian immigrant workers are lacking fundamental literacy abilities, a fact that emphasizes deep-rooted and enduring problems within Egypt's population. Items such as marrying children and early childbirth keep lead pens and textbooks out of reaching too many young people. is a 30-year-old girl who lives in Egypt.

She' s full of lives and desires, but she never ventured to do anything with those desires because she could neither write nor write. They' d take her cash because she knew she couldn't see the prices. Illegibility influences a person's socioeconomic and civic reputation and, perhaps most importantly, limits their capacity to take part in their group.

One group of a group of female students participates in alphabetization courses in Egypt. Woman and girl like Manal and Fatima were urged to join a group named Reflect. This plan-assisted programme assists young ladies to obtain initial vocational qualification in a secure study area. Skilled parishioners bring together wives in parish centers or other secure places near their homes, as the culture and society standards often do not allow them to move far from home.

On their way to alphabetization and Empowerment, these females have learnt many new abilities about their own worlds and about themselves. The main purpose of the programme is to teach reading and writing to the woman. By 2014, 391 reflection programmes were operating across the entire nation, enabling almost 6,000 low-income girls.

The young girl is proud of the diploma she has been awarded by the Reflect-Programme. Reflect has at last given them their own vote for so many of them. Learning to write her name and reading ballot papers, Rasha was able to express her views. This may not seem like much, but it means the whole wide globe to these people.

All too often, mothers and females in lands like Egypt are robbed of their training and struggling for a job or a way to choose. Plan-backed programmes such as REFLECTS can give Egyptian woman better chances and a better futa. They can help even more woman to acquire fundamental literacy abilities.

Offer a alphabetization course for 2 girls!

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