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They can be your own music publisher You ask any up-and-coming song writer what he wants more than a global success, and he'll probably tell you he wants a bargain with a publisher. Conversely, for a proportion of your bonuses, the publisher will recover bonuses and licence fee, make dubbing agreements for TV and movie placements and sometimes make advance payments in the form of money to pay for your cost of life or traveling.

However, such businesses are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, and song writers are considering setting up their own musical publisher. is you don't need an MBA to take command of your own musical genre. Indeed, it is not uncommon that song writers are also their own editors.

By signing a contract with a publisher, you often give the right to your copyrights in return for the service they offer - royalty collection and dubbing procurement . But if you are your own publisher, you have full artistic oversight over where and how your tracks are used, and you keep 100 per cent of the interest in all your works.

If you keep 100% of your song releases, you can reclaim all of your license dues for live performances, dubbing (TV, movie and videogames ), dubbing (Internet broadcasting and on-demand streaming) and license fee (sale of live recording and downloads). Starting your own business can take some formalities and charges, but the benefits can be very satisfactory.

To find the conditions for the creation of a name for your business, please go to the State Secretary's website in your home country. It is your option to form a joint-stock or private equity firm (known as LLC), which will be your publisher, or if you choose not to join, you can submit a so-called fictitious name declaration or a Doing Business As (DBA) declaration to the Foreign Minister.

This DBA declaration makes it lawful and will inform the federal and other interested people that you work as a publisher of musical works with a name that is not your own. You cannot open a bankaccount or cheques made out to your organization without the name card.

Ensure that the name you have chosen is unambiguous to ensure that your emoluments are not misidentified further down the street. Connect your business with a PRO: You need to connect your new business with a performance right organisation such as ASCAP or BMI. While you may already be signed up as a song writer, you should now sign up your business as a separate entity.

We recommend that you use the same PERSON you have used to sign up as a song writer to sign up your name. But if you think big and plan to release other authors' work, it's a good way to sign up with any of them. Registre the tracks of your business at the Copyrights Office under the name of your publisher: Next you have to get in touch with the US Copyrights Office to sign up for a recording (SR copyright).

Copyright-protected music in your own name must be transferred to your publisher. Having your own publisher does not mean that you have to take every detail into your own hands. So if you are a song writer who wants to retain all the copyright to your tracks and is able to exercise your own creativity until the right contract comes into being, the next move could be to set up your own publisher.

It is good to keep an eye on the general cost of releasing your songs and what you can actually conserve in a while.

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