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Journaling Your Way to Your Best Live by Lea Michele

You first" means to respect and understand what you really want - and then go out to do it. You first" means to respect and understand what you really want - and then go out to do it. At Brunette Ambition, Lea Michele shares many of the mysteries and tales behind her achievement, and how she managed to lead a healthier and healthier life despite her busy time.

Now in her second book, she will be teaching the reader how to be their best self. Lea believes that maintaining a diary and asking herself the difficult things you want from your own lives is the best way to make your dream come true, so she has created a set of tutorials, instructions and schedules on the basis of her own individual itinerary.

Lea's led magazine will cover all the issues she has written about in Brunette Ambition, which includes exercise, nutrition, work, education and relations, but with completely new materials to help the reader achieve their objectives. In between the advices and practices there will be funny stories from Lea to encourage and inspirit the reader to put himself in the first place and to lead their best lives.

They go first - Erin Entrada Kelly

Erin Entrada Kelly's Newbery Medalist You Go First is an exciting encounter with mobbing, orthography, arts and the increasingly complex worlds of high schools boyfriends. Their perfect tuned intermediate vocal will be heard by the Kate DiCamillo-fanciers. Twelve year old Charlotte Lockard and eleven year old Ben Boxer are more than a thousand leagues apart.

Charlotte seems to live a completely different life on the face of the earth - Charlotte is living near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while Ben is in the small city of Lanester, Louisiana. She wants to become a gemologist and has a stone library in her room. They are both living through major riots. In the course of a whole weeks, Charlotte and Ben on-line fans, who are only linked by a Crabble play, will meet in an unforeseen way as they find their way through the confusion of secondary schools.

The exciting tale about how the Newbery medallist of Hello, Universiverse and the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature have grown up and found their place in the wide web will attract Rebecca Stead and Rita Williams-Garcia as well.

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