You can Write a novel

Write a novel.

They can write a novel skilfully and easily to the essentials, such as plot, character, attitude, dialogue and action. One can' write hundreds of novels if one doesn't write every day. Consider it a door. As soon as you bring your readers over the threshold, you can show them the rest of the house. Each time I sit down to write a novel, I get almost nothing done.

and now this group is full!

When you can make a three-page affair, you can make a novel. The six weeks course will unravel the secret of book authoring and disclose the novel as a literary undertaking like any other. The prizewinning novel writer and seasoned writer Russell Smith will help you divide the longer version into straightforward stages.

It is a hands-on mindset that concentrates on the texture, not the pace of the letter, the products, not the processes. You' ll go from the refinement of your original concept to the drafting of a sketch to the dramatization of a scene. Get useful tutorials to break open your pieces and polish your fiction and get hands-on tips on what publishing houses are looking for in a book and how to market your work.

Authors of literature and gender fi lm are just as welcome as all types of newbies. Russtell Smith has written eight fiction and one non-fiction book. He has been short-listed for the Giller Prize, the Governor General's Award and the Rogers Writers' Trust Prize. He' won the National Magazine Award for Belles Lettres twice.

Writer of a week-long cultural columns for the Globe and Mail, he is also teaching a fun class at the MFA in Visual Arts at the University of Guelph.

Writing a novel, 2nd edition

Have you got an original novel in mind? Did you always dream of creating a best-seller? 2nd Edition You Can World a Novel gives you specific, tried and tested technologies to get from the initial concept to the script to the bookstore. Experienced writer James V. Smith, Jr., divides the complexity of novelists into 10 logic stages.

First, you form the basis of your textbook by bringing the three most important events in your history from brainstorming to perfecting the definitive design. They can create a novel skilfully and easily to the essence, such as storyline, personality, attitude, dialog and actions. You' ll find out how to create a saleable concept, how to turn your concept into a frame and how to turn your frame into a complete work.

In this issue you'll find new brain storming techniques, new action and personality organisation strategy, and cutting-edge analysis of your story's legibility and pace - and the keys to every bestselling novel. Begin to write your novel today! When you are not happy with your order, please send the item(s) back within 30 workingdays of the date of your order, unless otherwise stated on the products page.

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