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Ia Literary Agents

Represented genres: literary fiction, commercial fiction, young adults, memoirs, pop culture, narrative and humor. Agency, editor and publisher manuscript wish list, #MSWL. Best 41 YA Frahlings So many authors thank their agents first in the thank you notes? Cause the operative is about the most important character in a writer's world. Innumerable individuals work behind the curtains to realize each author's nascent image for a storyline, from his or her boyfriends and families to the publisher's sales force, but none is as important as the agen.

It is essential to find the right one since the secret service agents hold the hopes and hopes of the promising writers in their hand. Now you can either devote your time and effort to searching for the agents of your favourite authors and generating spreadsheets that they rate on the basis of their purchases, or you can browse the lists I've put together after I' ve spent many a day on Google and created several graphs from my results.

The agents received one point for each and every publication they represent on the register, and were then classified accordingly. I also recorded the best-placed ledger for each of the agents and the number of copies it was on the mailing lists. Have a look at my mailing of 30 Young Adult Publishers, many of whom have accepted unwanted submissions].

Basing on last year (2015 - 2016) of the New York Times weeklies bestsellers in the Young Adult hard cover literature class, here they are: Agent: The New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. Agent: The New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. Agent: Gold leaf Frahlingur, Inc. Agent: Mrs. Laura Dail Frahlingur, Inc. Eight hundred authors per months are reading this YA agent checklist and submitting their work.

Agent: Gold leaf Frahlingur, Inc. Agent: Knight Agent, Inc. Performed genres: imagination, sci-fi, romance, enigma, excitement, eroticism and young adults. Agent: The New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc. Mrs. Laura Dail Frahlingur, Inc. Gold leaf Frahlingur, Inc.

Seventeen women in search of science fiction and fantasy for young adults NOW

It is sometimes hard to find out which agents are open for submission at any given point in the game. In this sense, starting in 2016, I will create some new verticals of agents searching for requests. As of August 2016, all agents below have told me in person that they are NOW looking for YA Science Fiction and Fantasy (speculative) entries.

Notice: Unless an agency says otherwise, they are open to sci-fi and phantasy, not just one or two. Submit requests to query[@] deemuraliterary.com. Enter your name and the name of the work in the field "Subject". Insert a summary and the first 25 pages of your ms into the text of the e-mail.

If you have any questions about the first three pages of your paper, please contact queries[@] ktliterary.com. If you ask Renee, don't ask Hannah Fergeson, also on that shortlist. Submitting requests to queries[@] ldlainc.com. Enter the name of the name of the agents you want to retrieve in the QUERY: TRITLE forAGENT field.

Insert the first 5-10 pages of your script into the text of the e-mail. If you have any questions, please e-mail us: to Patricia [at] MarsalLyonLiteraryAgency.com and type "QUERY" in the e-mail header. Please provide a telephone number and your e-mail addresses for all entries.

Send her an e-mail to Rebecca[@] defliterary.com with a short request for information about your story, your biography and the first five pages of the text of the e-mail. Enter the words "Query" and your name in the reference line. Send a request to vselvaggio[@] winstream. net and enter "Request" in the reference line of your e-mail.

Submit the first twenty pages of the text of your e-mail, along with a biography with a section and a summary with a section. Submit your contributions using the agency's on-line application forms. In the text of the e-mail, please submit your request and the first ten pages of your paper to emily[@] foliolitmanagement.com. Enter the keyword WUERY in the reference line.

then she' s not the operative on your emily projects. Submit requests to CHquery[@] mcintoshandotis.com. We kindly ask you to submit a request for information, a summary and the first three successive sections (maximum 25 pages) of the work. When you ask Christa, don't ask Shannon Powers, not even on this Iist.

Submit requests to hannahquery[@] ktliterary.com. Your e-mail should contain the words "Query" and the name of your paper in the reference line. You should not contain any appendices in your query. This summary should contain the entire story of the text, as well as the conclusions. When you ask Hannah, don't ask Renee Nyen, also on this mailing lists. is the Guide to Literary Agents.

Submit a request message and your contacts to gc[@] cbltd.com. Insert the first three sections below the request in the e-mail text. For more information please e-mail us at: queries[@] bondliteraryagency.com. Please address Becky by name in the form of address. Submit your inquiry to SPquery[@] mcintoshandotis.com.

Attach a summary and the first three successive sections (maximum 25 pages) of the work. When you ask Shannon, don't ask Christa Heschke, also on this Iist. Submit inquiries to query[@] inklingsliterary.com. Enter "Query (Agent Name)" and the name of your novel in the reference line.

Attach a summary and the first 10 pages of your script. Please forward your request with 1-2 pages summary and the first 10-15 pages in the text of your e-mail to queries[@] azantianlitagency.com. Please address your inquiry to querylindsay[at] emeraldcityliterary.com. Insert the first five pages of your paper below your request - Appendices will not be opened.

I' ll answer all your questions, so if you haven't received an answer from me within three week, please do so: please do so: I will get back to you as soon as possible: A LITERARY BooksGET A LITERARY ANGENT from 2015 gives advices from more than 110 frahlings, who give advices on questions, crafts, the filing procedure, research and much more.

Fill with all the advices you will ever need to find an agency, this is a great companion guide to literary agents for the agency data base. One of the new agents wants one-of-a-kind literary parts, female rhetoric, storybooks, memoirs & co... Officials are sharing their request letter with Pet Peeves. Maria Vincente is now looking for customers.

Find out everything about his write instructions, how to get a literary spy and how to write a questionaire.

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