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I' m assuming that every self-publisher has similar problems. Self-publishing and Print on Demand companies We have helped tens of thousand a year to become an author since 1997, and many of them return to release their second and even third work. We are here to turn your hard-won script into a text. Our policy from the very first days was that we wanted the author to have full mastery of his work.

To this day, we still follow this standards as we help every months several hundred writers to release their work the way they first thought they would when they began to write a work. Select from our wealth of cutting-edge publishing and merchandising capabilities. Regardless of your choice of publishing house, whether it be gender based literature, non-fiction, your memoirs or a children's story - or length, size and style - Xlibris Publishing will aim to surpass your expectation of the publishing house suite you have selected and the associated service as well as the entire publishing world.

With Xlibris Publishing, you have the liberty to create, publish, design and promote your text! Spend a few moments visiting our website and discover our unique offering of publishing packs and publishing service, all of which are geared to meeting your typing needs. You got a notebook inside you that'?s waitin' to come out?

Become part of over 50,000 writers who have their works released by us! That' s why they chose Xlibris.

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I' m indebted to Xlibris, who believes in the power and power of the bouquets of garnets and supports me on this way." "We are undergoing a transformation in today's publishing markets. They are not interested in esthetics and novelty.

That is why the publishing companies that calculate for publishing today allow an experienced author to release his own work as it is, and not according to the demands of the markets and the policy accuracy of the editor. "Xlibris is a great, cost-effective way to release textbooks on a broad range of topics, and our supportive team takes the extra amount of patience to help resolve problems that can arise during the publishing proces.

" I' m thankful to all the folks at Xlibris who help me finish the publishing ccess. They were all willing to help, tolerant and accessible. "Xlibris was very useful during my trip. "I found the overall publishing of Xlibris to be a good thing, with a lot of help, explanations and counsel from the employees who have been guiding me through the trial.

" Thanks Xlibris for leading me the unfamiliar way of publication. "I loved the transition from manuscripts to books and was particularly delighted with the great coverage that Xlibris helped create. "Working with Xlibris was a difficult time for the right reason.

Dare I say that the greatest achievement of this introduction has come to know some of my limits and has grown as an writer. It took me so long to complete my work, they just followed me around and never put me under pressure. They were always ready to help, they answered my e-mails and called me.

" All in all, the overall level of our experiences was astonishing, and we had such a good period to write and publish our work! For Xlibris, I valued his stable texture and feed-back. "This is my second volume with Xlibris. On both occasions I made a number of comparisons and Xlibris prevailed in all the classes I looked at.

The part I love about Xlibris is that they are very fast at everything they do. "I valued Xlibris' stable texture and his response. "I had a first-class record with Xlibris. I have built up sound, cordial relations with the representatives of the various divisions. "My favourite part of the publishing of Xlibris is their services and their common sympathy for the publication of all of our books.

The Xlibris employees are very experienced and supportive when it comes to issues and editors. It feels like I have made friends with every employee I speak to and benefited from the discussions and help they offer. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people at Xlibris Publishing for their help and suggestions, a well-organized company that will guide you little by little through the entire publishing chain, a very good way to publicize your first work.

" I have always found Xlibris to be a pro and enjoy every facet of working with them. Having worked with Xlibris on three different songs, I learnt a lot about the publishing game. "The cooperation with Xlibris as publishing house partners has been great so far. Well, my favourite part of the trial was when the parts came together.

" Now, the real letter and the evolution of the plot was my favourite part of the publication. I was a self-publisher and with the help of Xlibris I had to trust my own intuition. Xlibris was very useful in this trial. It' s hard to reconcile your own lives, both professionally and in written form, if you are not a profession.

" Xlibris' favourite part was to hold the real story in my hands, to see the books, the flyers and visiting postcards and to know that they do what they said they would do, makes me proud and inspires me to do more writing and end the other books I have in my mind.

" It is a very rationalized procedure. I' m astonished how quickly my script became a work. The Xlibris representative was useful. "Working with Xlibris was both a pleasure and a pleasure. "There were a few good reason why I ended up at Xlibris. First of all, I don't think I had the self-assurance to go directly to a conventional publishing house.

I' d never even started writing a script. It was the one thing I wanted to see in the movie, I felt best placed to release the script myself and keep the copyright to the work. It was a real pleasure to learn the whole procedure from the script to the final work.

" Enjoying the transition from manuscripts to hardcover formats, I was particularly delighted with the great coverage that Xlibris helped create. "Xlibris suited what I dreamed of in my most wildest imaginations. I have already written two of them! Xlibris has made it possible to make alternate titles accessible to a broader public through smart advertising channels and very efficient use of medium.

So what has been happening here with the help of Xlibris is that they have made me appreciate the value of my work. "There are several reasons why we chose Xlibris. Initial contacts and continuous assistance from our publishing advisor were an important element. It can be said that the'Professional Publishing Package' was carried out in a professional manner.

I was thrilled to see the first printout of the volume! "I totally and utterly enjoyed my time with Xlibris. Everybody who has assisted in this was so thorough and organised. Understanding my premonition by setting out what the script was supposed to look like, they realized the importance of this theme to me.

During the whole procedure they were able to give useful ideas and provided for a regular follow-up with me. So I liked the Xlibris architecture and strongly recommended its use. "I' ve released a volume with them and can only commend the professionality of the processes and the back-up telephone conversations of the people.

All in all a good, smooth adventure! "It didn't really make any difference to me to know anything about publishing a volume, as her pros took me through every phase of the publishing lifecycle, from editing the script to approving the artwork. I didn't even grasp the publishing world's vocabulary at first, but that didn't play a role, as it led me through every one.

" I' ve just released my first volume with Xlibris "How To Launch Your Own Cleaning Business". I' m very satisfied with the whole procedure! The Xlibris employees are the best, very tolerant, effective and quick to respond. Lovin' my new work and I like Xlibris employees for a good work! "I have just released my first Xlibris Practical Guidance About Love, sex, andriage.

They' re publishing my story on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. You are also planning to take it to other bookstores around the globe. "I' ve written three volumes on Xlibris and I' m all three. "The choice of a publishing house is of the greatest importance. With Xlibris, we have highly qualified professionals and a range of support and service to help you on your way to publishing.

I had the chance to meet with writers, editors and an audiences of interested people through various advertising and promotion activities such as the Coast to Coast Books Gallery, the Author's Pitch Festival and the Books Signing Even. This experience also allowed me to find out more about the publishing sector.

I' m currently working on my second volume and will be continuing my efforts in the area of promotion and promotion, which are highly commended by Xlibris employees. Once again I had an outstanding publishing background and Xlibris is the way forward. Thank you to the Xlibris employees for their priceless ministry of inspiring the writers and presenting their work to provide tension, inspirations, mystery and joy to the reader the writers are meant to be for.

The Xlibris employees also personalised the covers by choosing a way that reminds me of my meditative outings. "My trip to the self-publication was an interesting one with Xlibris. The whole experiment was catartic and in a way a curative one. As an interesting outcome of my work, I found an accurate assessment of my early years, the general reaction of some individuals, varying from "Hey" to "Well done", and in some very minor cases a total contempt, which I consider to be a failure to understand the importance of the literal world.

It was applauded, followed by a comment. That led to many general commentaries and queries about my work. During and after the introduction, my books have proved to be very good. I' d like to take this chance to thank Xlibris for their help and instruction during the write and publish processes, and I would also like to thank Matthew Shaver for his four stars rating on the Xlibris website.

" When I first came to Xlibris to get an offer, I had a limited budge. It was Xlibris who used my little watercolor for the covers I had drawn to describe the journalist's key area. Xlibris has made my Move Forward a worldwide bookseller's list.

" I' m so happy about the date that I chose to release my work at Xlibris. Her astonishing employees, at all levels, were really useful in "every stage " of the work. Transforming my writing work into a released project was a seamless operation - what an effective, highly skilled and hardworking group.

I appreciate your patience, kindness and helpfulness. You' re the one who saved my life. You were the one who saved me from being a writer. "Xlibris provided a lot of information on their website in the Authors Lounge and I heard and reread almost every one of the hundred articles they had.

Three years of work and training, I handed in my script and relished the work of Xlibris as they were polishing my words, creating an energy sleeve and guiding me through the publishing labyrinth. "Xlibris has worked with much perseverance from the advisors themselves for this work. "Xlibris was a very good supporters who encouraged me to keep at it.

And Xlibris has an outstanding group of illustrations who have been able to do an amazing job on my work. Thanks, Xlibris, for all your help in making my textbooks available to the reader and enjoying them. "I have to say that it is always exciting to get my copied and reformatted script back from Xlibris.

To see the game as it's released makes it reality. "I had a great deal of help from my publishing staff at Xlibris and found that publishing a textbook was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experi ┬Čence that took me to vertiginous levels. "I have only the best to say about Xlibris Publishing.

You assisted me in publishing and promoting my novel The Key, The Shadows - Popey. Each agent I've had the good luck to work with has been so useful and has made it so much simpler for a newcomer to this totally frightening one. "with Xlibris.

The people I have been given have been very kind and supportive throughout the entire time. Thanks Xlibris for realizing my dreams of publishing a novel. Their company is the best! "Xlibris takes over the service promptly and professionally. That wouldn't have been the case if I'd gone the traditional way of locating an asset who was looking for a publishing house.

My personal experiences have shown that trying to find an operative was the most humiliating trial you could imagine. "Xlibris is the leading self-publisher in the whole wide globe, without exception! I' ve written seven with them without regret! I would like to thank my editor Xlibris, who helped me to make my dream come through.

And I appreciate all your help in continuing my dream by help me share my website robertspinabooks.com or The Robert Spina Books Collection. I can always be seen or contacted on my Facebook page thank you all, best regards and lasting allure.

" Thanks for making my first novel a hit. Signed my first volume on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at the Palm Coast Books Rack, Fl. That would not have been possible without the help of your hard-working colleagues who have accompanied me every stage of the publication of my work.

I' m looking forward to working with you on the launch of my forthcoming volume, due to be released in the spring of 2015. "Congratulations to Xlibris for publishing my novel An Appreciation of Dorrit Black Paintings. They have always been very supportive and have understood the needs of the author in a particular setting.

Congratulations to your company and I have many more titles to release. I am currently working on a novel and will complete nine brief autobiographies which will be finished in 2/3 month. Many publishers from the USA email me with their product and the broad sales and other rebates.

" I' d like to thank Xlibris for the high level of services and all the staff who have contributed to this new issue, which is already available on almost every planet. "Xlibris, that's great. "My experiences with Xlibris have given me a great lesson: I have learnt how to make good textbooks.

I' ve been more than a little bit patience in the last few month, but with the great Xlibris teamplayers my dreams have come true. "Xlibris was helping me find out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to reveal my work to the people. It was during the editorial and publication phase that the staff associated with the site was very aware of what I had to say.

" I had a certain size as an editor that I wanted for my books, and many other publishing houses could not accept me. And Xlibris can do any kind of editing I wanted. Your client services, your sales force and my own sales rep have been helping me every move. You made this whole thing easy and I am really thankful that I found Xlibris.

They not only made a softcover of my eBook, but also in eBook size. It was the most magic time and I was in reverence for all the time. I' m about to write my second volume and Xlibris will be my favorite editor.

Thanks Xlibris!!!!! "Since I had no idea about publishing, I felt happy to have found Xlibris. So in 2010 my first children's novel took form and now, three years later, I have four in my so-called Tired Buch Series.

" The work with Xlibris was quite good overall and they were useful. Most of the times they got the item on schedule, did a good job working on the work ( "I payed for this service") and provided other useful features (I like the way they give you an annual membership to the Author Learning Center website).

" I' m indebted to Xlibris, who gave up-and-coming writers like me the chance to publish my work so the rest of the planet can get my work across and get the word out about torment. "The Xlibris have been extremely helpful to me over the years. Right from the start, the folks I worked with at Xlibris were thrilled and kind.

" It' always interesting to see the first proof copies of the script and just as interesting to see and feel the first sample copy of the work. Ever since I released three Xlibris related booklets myself, it shows how satisfied I am with Xlibris. Xlibris is there to satisfy all your publishing needs" Thanks @xlibrispub for the tremendous amount of patient Seems you know how to deal with the different layers of the writers' inspirations &"sweat".

" My Xlibris crew has been great so far. "I have had great experiences with Xlibris, they have been very tolerant and considerate. "I have Xlibris to thank for having helped me make my dream come true: They show great regard and esteem for the authors' visions, thanks to Xlibris for supporting me in achieving my goals.

" Xlibris' staff went beyond that to make sure that this is not only my time limit, but also the best possible work for you, the readers.

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