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Xlibris has the expertise to accompany you all the way. About self-publishing with Xlibris. The Xlibris Publishing was founded by authors for authors. Newest tweets from Xlibris Publishing (@xlibrispub). And Xlibris is a supported self-publishing service provider.


The Xlibris website and publishing house has existed for more than ten years, and since I last viewed their website and publishing facilities last year, they seem to have recently revised things. In this article, I will focus on the most important and favorite feature used by writers using POD Publisher, a 200-page black-and-white paperback/hardback issue.

The Xlibris Publishing Manual, which can be downloaded from the website, says: "You are always eligible for a 100% reimbursement throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. "This has become more and more common in POD publishing agreements in recent years, but a message of caution.

Xlibris' publishing director is the common "self-publication" of well-known writers who have followed this path, but many of these writers publish themselves in the true sense of the word, i.e. under their own name or inscription. The Xlibris offers a "non-exclusive" agreement that grants the writer all permissions and allows him to switch to a conventional publishing house.

Note that if an writer leaves Xlibris after the release, the artwork and all layouts stay with the publishing house, i.e. if the writer moves to another POD publishing house, they start from zero. That is still the standard, and I believe this must be changed for the major POD publishing houses.

Finally, the writer pays for the "publishing service" and the writer should be able to take all data related to the publication of his work with him when the term of the agreement ends. Xlibris' strength is that they have a telephone enquiry, which many POD publishing houses seem to be avoiding like the scourge.

The Xlibris product range includes seven different packs; beginning with the Advtage bundle, on-line access, 1 copy of the original document, ISBN, a very simple artwork design, a homepage and a book page. Most other POD publishing houses calculate the introductory price for the author's website. Included in the Basics kit are additional inside artwork, the option to create your own artwork, 5 free paper backs, ingram allocation and 50 visiting and bookmarking-card.

This pro package provides more, again more interiors and covers artwork, a hardcover output, some customization inputs to the interiors items of the books, 5 poster, and again my feel is that the added $400 are a bunch for what you get added. Custom Pak is adding a designconsulting and covers, an increase in the number of artwork, 50 cards, the personalized launcher website with domains and, um.... Well, you're beginning to see where I'm going with it.

This $700 additional dollar is now and I'm beginning to wonder why Xlibris didn't just stay with the first three publishing packages they offered last year! As a minimum, the add-ons were more bundled in the available packages. Premium package includes full interiors and covers customization (for $2999, I would await it and more!), changes to authors, print galleries, indexation, full trade registry, includes Library of Congress and U.S. copyrights.

Most of these are available for $50-100 from other POD publisher and are available in much simpler packages. Also, a CD archives (I'm not sure what the use of it is, Xlibris could instead just give you the title to all the books ), a news release and an opt-in e-mail marketing strategy and a pro-book research marketing strategy.

With the Executive Package,'Set your own price', the number of authors' prints increases significantly to 75 paperbacks and 25 hardcover prints, as well as promotional material and newswires. The number of free author's specimens has been fixed at 250 paperbacks and 25 hardcovers, and there has also been an improvement in media and advertising spending.

Xlibris website is well designed and well readable and runs well with most information readily available. Many diagrams and graphics are available that you can display when you compare publishing packets. Xlibris offers a number of price reductions for June 2008, among them a 2 for 1 publishing house package. Xlibris would be one of the larger player in the POD publishing world.

As many of the world' s foremost companies, their revenue comes directly from the sale of authoring work. There is a broad selection of booking choices, which includes full-colour illustrated booklets and special leather-bound work. With Xlibris really falling down on the Opposition, their selling rates are when the medium pocketbook comes in at $15. 99 to $19. 99 and hardcover books at $20.

Authors' fees are also low by default. Authors' rebates are as follows: While Xlibris offers a broad set of promotional add-ons as part of their packages and can also be bought separately, the transition to advanced servicepacks was not, in my opinion, a move in the right direction. 3.

It' really difficult to justify a publication charge of $5999 to $12999 for what you actually get. While the lower advantage and the lower basics packages are at least inexpensive, there are other POD Publisher that have the same features at a lower cost. Xlibris has a good name.

You outperformed the results of the results of the POD Publishers survey. As I said, I have an upcoming professional textbook that I wanted to place later this year at a Xlibris Prosabook store, and personally Xlibris would not meet my own needs. Exactly to get softcover and bound publications, I would look at peeling out $899, and another interest for me was the restricted coverage masks on offering.

This is the kind of cash many POD's do. You' ll need to spend $1599 on this Xlibris coverage unless you have your own ready -made and made. For the less seasoned writers who publish for the first or second year, I think they have the feeling that Xlibris meets their needs.

It feels like the seasoned self-publishing writer would prefer a different publishing company.

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