Written Job Offer

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You' been looking for a job for months. I was offered a job on the phone after three rounds of talks. Are you waiting for a written offer? Here is what you can do to get a formal offer as soon as possible. If you have thanked the employer, ask him to submit the offer in writing.

You' re gonna have to get it in writing: The reasons why you must have a written job offer

You' re tired and your endurance isted. So if you get the important call from Human Resources that' s gonna offer you a job, why shouldn' t you take it? Whilst it is perfectly comprehensible to be enthusiastic (and somewhat overcome by relief), it is important to have a written offer in your hands before accepting a job orally - and yes, even if it is your perfect job.

Simply because you do not know what you are getting until you actually see the agreement in written form. If the HR department phones, you'll probably get a feel for how high your baseline pay is, but little more. Whilst the pay is obviously important, the other parts of a job offer (think medical coverage, holidays, maternity leaves ) are adding up, and you want to know what there is - or aren't there - before you say yes.

However, you will also find yourself in a bad negotiating situation if you later find out that your job offer does not contain, for example, simple short-term invalidity insure. If you are astonished, assurance is generally not something that firms are willing to mediate on, but if you are not offered it, you can use it as a point to ask for a higher baseline salaryn.

Say yes and then go back and pretend you're thinking about it when they don't hit you in the center is the equal of showing your hands in a pokergame. However, it is important to remember that you may have a particularly persistent HR officer who really wants this oral assumption before working out the document.

Indeed, I have worked with some customers who have been receiving bids from firms that do not submit their formal written bids to them without oral approval. Oral agreements are a difficult deal, and the regulations differ from state to state, but in general, hiring in the US is not so much about not being able to get out of the job, but about not being able to do it.

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