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Books of Life? Whoever was not found in the Books of Eve was thrown into the Firebird. It is the terrible day of resurrection when every man without his name is thrown into the fire pond in the Books of Living. It is so important in this work that Jesus said to his followers that they should be glad about their wonderful powers to drive out demons.

St. Paul also showed the importance of this work, citing colleagues he knew had typed their name there. However, we must ask the great question: "When were life books called?" Because that will tell us how the name got there and why. Did you hear or sing the 1905 C. Austin Miles tune "There's a New Name Wanted in Glory"?

It is a folk tune that God regularly writes new titles in the book of life in answer to the sinful who obey Him. Aside from the Scriptures, C. Austin Miles knew no more about the Book of Life than anyone else. Most of the words were spelled there before the founding of the earth, like when God elected His chosen ones and gave them to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

Allah selected His chosen ones before the start of the earth and put their name in the Book of Lifes, and then He sent the Lamb to perish and save their souls. There will be no new name! It may be a favourite with badly learned Christians, but the teaching is wrong.

Rather than trying to have our nicknames put in heaven, we should make our vocation and choice secure, as Peter teaches. For more information about the Book of Life, please click on this hyperlink to a homily titled The Book of Life, where you can either view a full overview or order an audiocopy of the homily.

Let Jesus Christ, the Lamb of Scripture, be glorified forever and ever!

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