Written in the Book

Posted in the book

As we know, the names of the elect were written in the book of life before the foundation of the world. The Bible in Revelation tells of a "Book of Life", also called the "Scroll of Life", which contains the names of the faithful. Whoever was not found in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire.

Fourteen Bible Verse on the Book of Lifes

If someone didn't find his name in the Book of Elves, he was cast into the firebox. "But do not be glad that the Spirits are subdued to you, but be glad that your name is written in heaven." You have risen to Mount Zion and to the town of the God of Alive, the celestial Jerusalem, and to the countless cherubs, to the General Meeting and Mother Thrice Admirable of the first-born who are inscribed in heaven, and to God, the Judge of all, and to the Spirit of the just who have been perfected: "Now will Michael, the great ruler who watches over the children of your peoples, arise, and there will be a period of trouble as it has never happened before, since there was a Nation;

then your tribe, everyone in the book, will be saved. Indeed, my real mate, I also ask you to help these ladies who share my fight for the cause of the Church, along with Clement and the remainder of my colleagues whose name is in the Book of Lives.

He who conquers will therefore be dressed in blank robes, and I will not remove his name from the Book of Love, and I will profess his name before my Father and before his cherubs, and nothing impure or anyone who practises abominations and lies will ever enter, but only those whose name is written in the Book of the Lamb's Name.

Moses went back to the Lord and said: "Unfortunately these nations have done a great transgression, and they have made themselves a gods of wealth. "and if not, please erase me from the book you have written!" And the Lord said to Moses: "If any man has transgressed against me, I will pay him off from my Book.

Let them be erased from the book of flesh, and let them not be written down with the upright. Everyone who lives on our planet will adore him, everyone whose name has not been written in the Book of the Lamb's Name since the founding of the state.

"And those who live on the ground, whose name is not written in the book of live since the founding of the universe, will wonder when they will see the animal that it was and is and will not come.

Put my teardrops in your flask, aren't they in your book? Thy wicked eye has seen my unshaped matter; and in Thy Book are all written the times which were destined for me before any of them existed. So those who were afraid of the Lord talked to one another, and the Lord heared it, and a memorial book was written before him for those who were afraid of the Lord and respected his name.

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