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Online Written Communication Courses

Writing and communication are important skills for personal and professional success. Online Authoring Course - Online Authoring I The 8-week course is designed as an introduction to our 8-week course. Being a businessman you have to be able to speak the spelled words efficiently if you want to be successful in today's world. This course is perfect for you if you want to enhance your commercial typing ability!

This course teaches you the right formats for your letter, memo, email message and suggestion. You will also acquire fundamental stylistic tools of corporate communication, such as how to use an energetic tone, keep it consistent and concise. You' ll evolve your commercial typing abilities by performing the following hands-on tasks: The first task is to send a set of notes.

The second task is to enter several brief notes and e-mail notifications. The third task is to create and formulate a suggestion. At the end of this course, you will have recognized and eliminated all weak points in your letter. You' ll create clear, succinct commercial documentation that will help you interact with your peers and customers in an effective manner.

In addition, you will also receive free reading of your English language course and practice to help you develop your grammatical aptitude. You' ll be taught to implement the grammatical principles in your company documentation, making you a more efficient author of your work. For over 30 years, Kitty Bucsko has taught classes in economic communication and computer technologies, among others for the Canadian Institute of Management.

In addition, she is an associate member of the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation. During the six-week MBA course in MBA Literature, I earned $1320 at a well-known high school.

Online-Course: CEU Certificate 101 - CEU Certificate

It is a vital business in a global communications community. Would you jeopardise your professional life by poor typing in a working atmosphere that equates communications with a person's professionality and effectivenes? Would you like the embarrassing of having to send a poorly spelled e-mail to your colleagues?

Could you run the chance of delivering poorly spelled messages to clients and jeopardizing your company's reputations? Nobody wants to miscommunicate. A crashworthy course in corporate correspondence that can help you solve your typing problems. This course will cover everything from the basics of doing and doing things in corporate correspondence to formating, punctuating, sound and speech.

The course is perfect for assistents, clerks, executives, manager and executive staff of a firm or organisation. Find out more about the most frequent errors we make when typing a commercial correspondence. Find out how to send and receive corporate e-mails.

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