Writing your own Book and Publish it

Write and publish your own book

The freedom of writing can inspire you. Would you like to learn how to publish your own book? Turn your unique knowledge, experience or point of view into a published book now! A number of authors had written several unpublished novels before making their breakthrough.

Self-guidance step

There is so much advising, but who do you hear - what do you really need to know to make your publisher heaven? Obviously 81% of Americans want to publish a title, but conventional publications only publish about 500,000 a year - and these will also be already wellestablished writers.

It is discouraging to apply to agencies and conventional publishing houses, and only a small proportion of scripts are ever acceptable. That' s reasonable and logic, because a publishing company needs to know that your product sells a certain number of books - that it delivers the required margins. You could easily build a Kindle notebook and post it to the web - if only it was that easy.

That' s why it is important that you make sure you make the best books you can; that you find a store for your books before you release them; that they look and read professionally in the same way. Self-editing allows many of us to realize our dreams of publication, but it can become a badge.

That' s why I have written this volume - to lead you through the self publication proces. Self-publication does not end with the completion of the work or uploading to Kindle or a print-on-demand delivery system. Self-editing means that you have to take on all the role of a conventional company, and I want to make it less difficult for you.

It will help you in understanding what needs to be done; the available choices; and how you can help yourself through the self-publisher's emotive mine field. Start your self-publishing trip today and make your dreams of keeping a hard copy of your books come true!

I released my first Print-on-Demand magazine in 2012. When I released my last volume, DoShareIspire, I realized that there was a hole in all the contents I had used. This void was an easy to understand textbook that could lead others through the self-publication trip. Plus, you get easy acces to some of our template, checklist and other resource to help you with your self-publishing quest - buy it today and get started with your own work!

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