Writing your own Book and Publish it

Write and publish your own book

Proudauthors at Forest Road School have read their newly published classbook for the first time. I use grammar as one of the best writing tools I use every day. One-click preview or publication of new book versions. You can write on your own computer and synchronize with Dropbox, GitHub or Bitbucket. Self-Publishing Success: How to publish an ebook and a print book - Joanna Penn.

Expected Webinar: Learn how to post your own material - from authoring to publication to marketing

I' ve been thinkin' about writein' a script for years. I' ve put together suggestions for a few of them and sent them to the publishing houses expecting just to be upset. More often I began to start composing my own textbook and then simply got bogged down when other work had to be done and invoices had to be made.

Eventually I resolved to get the funds to write my own publication and started my crowd-sourcing in January 2014. I' ve been able to collect 5,000 pounds in three month and use this cash for the production of Digital Video - A Manual for Language Teachers. So when I spent the funds to make the script, I thought it would take about three month to do it.

After all, I ended and released the notebook in the sommer of 2015, about a year over time. The British Council nominated the notebook for an EL tone in 2016, an honour for innovations in the Teacher Resources group. I' ve released five more e-books and a lot of curriculum and material since finishing this first volume; I've also started PeacheyPublications.com.

Every other work I have authored has been made without financing in my own day, while I also worked full-timers. It' a history, or at least a roadmap, of how you can make your own textbook a living thing. I would like to tell you a little of what I have learnt over the last three years - from crowd-sourcing financing for ebooks to becoming a professional online journal.

A free-lance instructor, material author, bloogger and advisor, Nik Peachey specializes in digitally publish and develop digitally rich media for educators. Since 1992 he has been working as an instructor, coach and teamleader. Winner of the British Council ELTon Awards for Innovations in Teacher Ressources, he created in 2016 Publications Peachey. com, where you can find full information on all of his work.

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