Writing your first Short Story

Write your first short story

As one writes a short story collection: In a few words - only the first three or five words really - Poe sets the tone of the story and brings the madness of the narrator to the first sentence. This will dramatically improve the quality of your writing from the very first class. It' faster to write a short story on the subject to get it out in public. Making your first short story can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start.

As one writes a collecting of Kurzgeschichtensammlung: Six weeks course in Descriptive Arts Course

Conducted by renowned author Alba Arikha for six successive months, this course gives you the creativity and technique to begin working on a compilation of comics. Perhaps the narrative may be more concentrated than a novel, but its emotive effect can be as diverse as that of a novel, but what abilities do you need to achieve an effect and make the narrative unforgettable?

In six wards, with the help of Alba Arikha, you will look at various aspects of the narrative, among them personality, vocals, structure, storyline, settings, tempo and dialog. You' ll get to know how to write and discuss your own work in the classroom. You' ll have the chance to discover and evolve your own creative potential and gain your self-confidence to create your own history library.

By combining tutorials, readings, group discussion and expert feedbacks, you will be able to find your own voices, showcase your new abilities and create one or two shorts at the end of the course. The most important thing is that you are on your way to inspiring others to carry on your work.

Hands-on training and writing of the first history. Who tells the tale - first, second or third persons, untrustworthy storytellers, all-knowing or restricted people? Meaning of the narration flow: Are you sure with the sound and the bow of your tale? Arikha is the creator of literature and non-fiction, among them the Spear's Awards nominations for the year 2012, which include the works Wandering on Ice, Muse and Major/Minor, voted one of the best novels of the year by the New Yorker.

Wrote for several publishers, among them the New Republic and Tatler, and writes regularly for Spear's Magazine.

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