Writing your first novel

Write your first novel

Writing your first novel He' s making it easy to compose a novel. Edward is conceived for every phase of writing: profiling, brain storming, plots, typing and transcription, unlike text processing programs. Their work is stored every modification automatic. Concentrate on your typing and the application takes it all. Select the Novel Submission and Edward will provide you with all the essentials you need to make your storyline come alive.

You will receive an immediate counting of words, paragraphs, pages and seconds for the actual section and documen. If your target is 80,000 words or 300 mins, it's simple to keep track of your progression and keep your motivation up. Easily scanned, find and skip from section to section in your novel using the full-page, interactivity mini-map.

Look for words or phrases immediately. You can use the on-demand dictionary/thesaurus to find the right words for every occasion, or to make sure that "unimaginable" means what you think. Retrieve and return memos or sections from the fully recoverable library whenever you're good to go.

It' an easiest way to eliminate diversions so you can focus on the next section. Browse data-driven diagrams and graphics about your novel to find out more about your own styles and things you can work on. Easily retrieve a PDF, Microsoft Word or full back-up whenever you want. Upgrading to a premium user for uploading all your work to theoud.

Write your first novel - 18 to 20 January 2019

You' ll be taught the fundamentals of story telling, plotting, structuring, style and tempo. In this course you will start to understand how to start a novel, how to prevent some of the traps and how to improve yourself as a author. She is a bestselling author who has also worked for many years as a screenwriter and journalist in the West End theater.

For over a decadecade she has been a teacher of literature and has worked as an editorial and coaching staff with more than a hundred different writers.

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