Writing your first novel

Write your first novel

What you should know before writing your first novel. The writing of the first novel can be frightening, sometimes even lonely. Perhaps the book was bad, but what if it was the author's first novel? In fact, when I talk about writing a novel in a year, I mean that you are writing the first draft. Particularly when this writer tackles a novel.

The first novel, Pentecost. Published later as Stone of Fire

In November 2009, after having written several non-fiction titles, I made the decision to take the plunge into the world of literature. I' ve been restrained by my own mind for years, but I've at last signed up to finish a novel. As these contributions present my trip in chronic order, I sincerely wish that they will help you on your own way to write your first novel.

We learnt day 5 and lessons: my character is kick-butt, I write quickly but bad, I purchased the novel-URL! January, 2010: I aim to complete the novel by the end of 2010. I' m starting to learnt from the pros, starting with James Rollins about typing thrillers. March, 2010: I' m studying to write for high missions like Dr. Who, how to write is more like an up-and-coming piece of art that hacks the rock before it makes it to the smallest detail, and how mind-mapping can really help write a scene.

April, 2010: There is no way to know if I use a prologue, so I research how and when I use prologue, I also keep you updated about the novel advanceat 40,000 words. Mimic your child's minds, listen to the rains, take a course in typing and learn a great deal. of May, 2010: June, 2010: I' m going to complete the novel, have it processed and register it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in January 2011.

I' m also learning from Scott Sigler how to become a best-selling author for the NY Times. May 2010 I' m deciding what I want in a novel novel as my letter tells me, and I' m finishing my first one! August 2010 I' m getting into the cut and rewrite the whole novel scenery by scenery.

What makes us a reader of literature and why do we do it? I' m also writing the end of Novemberland sharing some advice from professionals on Twitter. octobre 2010 I' m about to hand in my work to my publisher and I' m discovering that it's important to reread your work aloud before you hand it in.

I' m suffering from a trust crunch and I' m talking about what to do if you think your letter is horrible. I' m also willing to launch a marketing-planning and I need the covers to get it going because that' s so important. I' m working with Joel Friedlander, TheBookDesigner.com and we have several voting and 135 commentary opportunities.

Nov 2010 All the voices have arrived and the Pentecost artwork is ready. I' m doing a short videotape with Joel Friedlander, my book designer and we go through the possibilities and talk about why this is a great album. I' m also getting my editorial review from Steve Parolini, the novelist.

I' m reflecting in this paper on what it is like to get the feedback and what the re-writing is like. Décembre 2010 I' ve also made a short movie like the one below, which actually attracted a great deal of interest. I was quite amazed and exhausted and excited during the introductory weeks, so I wrote this tape about how it felt to have your novel out there at last.

I get my first license check for Pentecostand on the same date, the volume fires up to #277 in total at the Kindle Shop. It' 3 month in and it's still on the Religious Fiction & Action Adventure bestsellers list. I am being questioned by publisher Dan Blank about the marketing and publication of a work.

I' m also featured in the Hopkinson Report, a podcasting on how to create, release and promote a sacred story that is killing on Amazon. I' m starting to work at The London Library, which really does help my second novelist Prophecy. JUILY 2012 - Over 40.000 copies of the book sales and I signed with a New Yorker Frahlingen.

Apr 2015 - The first 3 volumes of the serial have been renamed. ARKANE now has 7 volumes available in e-book, printed and audio book format.

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