Writing your first novel

Write your first novel

The Barefoot Writer shows you how freelance writers can lead you to life as an author. Compile your first novel in a year under the supervision of industry experts. A beginner's introductory course to learn the elements of writing, including: plot, structure and character development. Are you struggling to complete the first draft of your novel?

The lesson I learnt from my first novel

Here she will discuss the lesson she has learnt from her first novel and share her advices for authors working on their first scripts. When I started working on it, I started to develop my own thoughts, topics and personalities. At the end I had no clue that I would end up creating a sequence in which my protagonist slaughtered a stag, but when I began to investigate her predicament and the feelings she was struggling with, it seemed oddly awkward.

This often means in a novel that the changes will have an effect on everything you have alreadyritten. While I thought all the work I had put into this person wasted, I ended up using aspects of his persona, customs and history in the evolution of one of the other people. I found it simpler to euphemise things I didn't want to cover in my shorts.

It is a small part of a much bigger whole, so it makes good practice to skip everyday things like buying, working and invoicing. As I began to compose my novel, I quickly realised that I had to bring up some of these everyday occurrences.

The novel, for example, is situated over the winters and one of the protagonists is six. I had to go to college, although I didn't really want to talk about it. For a long while I was worried that this would eventually gain the upper hand; that a large part of the novel would have to be school-based.

So, I began to think of the novel in layers: first build up the overall structures and concentrate on the whole. Then when I had the fundamental history, I began to work on each design with a certain amount of idea in my head. Thought of working like a painting: first with wide brushwork and then with fine detailing, stratified by stratum.

It made me do other things because the whole thing went around in my head, but not in a useful way! She has long been nominated for the Dylan Thomas Prize, the Edge Hill Prize and was second in the BBC National Short History Award.

Mr. Wood holds a Master's of Arts diploma in Lettering from Exeter University.

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