Writing your first Book

Write the first book

This is a writing guide for those who don't like writing an eBook. It' s tough work, but it doesn't have to be as difficult as most do. In" How To Not Suck Your First Book" Chandler guides you through every stage necessary to get the script from the initial concept to the final work. Whether you're full of shit or just write hatred.

It is a comprehensive guide to the different stages of the process. Chandler clearly knows what it's like to have a vision to compose a novel, but not to act on it for fear. This is one of my favourite parts of the book:

This tells you that by typing 500-1000 words per day[less than an hour] you will create a novel within 30 working hours. You will find the method in chapters 5-8. Chaptor 5: Notation I: PLANNER - In this section, Chandler Bolt guides us through the easy planing process of composing your project by first outlining it.

In a nutshell, this section is indispensable for getting the work underway. Chaptor 6: Write 2: THE CRATIVE - Another variation of the mind map, this is used with STICKY NOTES. 2: THE CLASSIC. This is a great way that works for many who" hates making outlines" because it brings pleasure back into the design of an outlining.

You will see in the textbook that you can't go astray with this system, especially if you like to be ingenious. Have a look at the workings of the game! Chaptor 8: Write 4: THE INNOVATOR - This is another great way for the reader to write their own textbooks quickly and without pain; you are transcribing the text yourself by talking and then hearing it as you write it down.

Capters 12&13: WRITER'S PAD? - Something that happens to everyone, and in the two Chandler clearly describes the strategy you can deploy to overcome the authors' blockade when it happens. How To Not Suck at Writing " is the only script that authors need. I' ve been reading tens of dozen textbooks on this topic over the years and can say frankly that this is still the best to date and fits in well with his earlier one.

" It' s an easily understandable procedure and should actually be titled simply write for dummies, because if you are following this procedure, there is no apology and no justification why a script cannot be published within a few month. Catch and try the books, they will be the best few bucks you've ever used.

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