Writing your 1st Book

Letter of the 1st book

Keep in mind that you have already spent 10 hours at Starbucks to sketch your book in detail. That book writing thing is overrated. You' re going to learn how to write a book. Get your first book online. Do not let me try to guide you in the plot, characterization or writing process, as this can vary from person to person.

Things I learnt from my first volume - Part II

It is a thing that is far too much valued when it comes to books. After I identified myself as a novelist, one of the books felt like the next step in logic. Its simple part was the creation of the first design of the volume. Thoughts merged with lightness, words were flowing and my focus was on the point. When the first design was finished, I began to share my "success" on SMB.

"It should be published every single working days, supporters, get ready for the firework that will be released. I' m now on 1.29 and my trust levels are down at 23% and trend. I' m going to publish this myself and do everything I can to keep expenditure to a strict absolute limit.

And while I've put up a struggle on some of her proposed changes, deeply down I know she's right 99. 8% of the times. I have an all-time high uncertainty as an author. To say nothing of horribly designed and at the same timelessly inexact.

I like to think I put a great combination of high forehead and low forehead typing on the desk. I was far too eager to finish the script, and that slowed things down even more. I have an all-time high uncertainty niveau (book idea).

It was the premises of this volume that I adored. Part of the hard part was how to build a script around this key concept. I doubt the initial premises now that the construction of the volume is complete. Did I support the assumption correctly? Did the plot develop in such a way that I now have a different assumption?

The thing I am fighting now is to believe that my main concept must be the greatest of all times and one that no one has ever tackled before. Bewilder this above and a secound volume is not an option. I' m so sick of my own way of typing that everyone else seems to be the best I've ever been to.

I' m envious of any scripture that elicits intense emotions. I am so near my own pun and have been pouring over the same phrases for weeks now that I frankly have no clue whether they are great or horrible. Guess every writer's going through that and all I can do is hopefully get out better on the other side.

By the time my first design was finished, it was 188 pages. Over 300 pictures are contained in the volume, 5 x 11 sheets of colour canvas. It' s all about flowers and it's the pictures that tell the whole thing. Total it all up and the very least I could boot for the product was $32. 00 and that includes $0 donation by Amazon.

It means to eliminate half of the f'n volume. The work, all of the hassle and all of the work would be over in no time. I got the latest 94 page copy of the game. And, if you did not know it, it is much narrower, much more support for the key hypothesis and more affordable.

If I' m successful, I' m just around the bend with Vol. 2 and I already have a big lead. Authoring books is very different from blogging. I have a 7 year old blogs. They all revolve around what this is all about: the beauties of our garden beyond the flower.

It can be hard to look back on old poles, they don't always keep up with the times. Well, a ledger's another beast. Join our slack squad, get new eye for your pen and take part in the 52-week write competition!

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