Writing Tuition

school for writing

tutoring While learning the arts of telling stories, pupils will not only acquire new abilities and gain self-confidence, but will also explore the worthwhile natures of creativeness by publishing their stories in our annually updated workbook. The private lessons of SPF are different from normal literacy lessons. Emphasis is placed on the arts of narrative, the realization of characters, structures, action, creativeness and credibility.

If your kid is an upcoming novelist or a hesitant novelist, our two-hour one-to-one lessons will give him the expertise and core competencies he needs to confidently and credibly compose each play of fiction. Perfect for preparing for exams and especially for those aged 7 and 11, we use a wide range of fun and educational tools to improve your child's ability and a few easy to follow guidelines to improve hisriting.

We kindly ask you to keep in mind that the places are restricted and the price depends on the arranged date, place, time and whether we have free places. For LSW 1:1 class feedbacks, please click here.

student fee policy

Before their first stay or application, new enrolment is subject to payment of a course enrolment charge (see course and enrolment regulations for each programme). Deposits are credited against the first term of study and study charges. Cancellation must be made in written form and must be addressed directly to the Registrar's Secretariat or the Registrar's Secretariat.

Date of resignation is the first of:: Failure to inform the Vermont College of Fine Arts of the cancellation of the programme or term is deemed to be obligatory for all fees set for the entire term. If you leave before the end of the term, you should check the study regulations for an appropriate refund of your fees.

Reimbursement will be made according to the date on which the redemption takes effect and the net amount of the Studentenkonto after adjustment of the grant at the time of redemption. The adjustment of grants is governed by the directives of the Swiss Confederation. Tuition will be partly cancelled or reimbursed if the course participants fully retire from the programme or go on holiday after the start of the term.

Where appropriate, the amount of the reimbursement shall be based on the date on which the revocation takes effect. For further information on the Withdrawals and Refunds plan, please refer to the Withdrawals and Refunds section of the Student Guide.

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