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The tuition fees are due on the first day of the new semester. Written Certificate - Lessons & Payment Applicants for the certificate programme must first complete the $80 first. It is nonrefundable and applies for one membership year only. There is a non-refundable enrollment charge of $35 per pupil once per calendar month. This certificate programme is a part-time programme with six courses.

Tuition fees for the ongoing study year are as follows*:

Each of the first five classes cost $1,050. Alternate electives chosen from one of the Continuing Studies on-line writing classes are $880. Lessons and tuition are due for each course upon enrolment. Please be aware that tuition costs for this programme may vary from year to year.

The student should be prepared for a moderate rise in tuition fees per year. Autumn 2018 cohorts allow alumni to enroll for a $4,000 + $35 monthly enrollment course. Undergraduates qualifying for a continuing education course rebate may also benefit from the certificate program (with the exception of CSP Full discounts).

The student may, however, be asked to prove their entitlement to a rebate at any given moment. For more information on the available rebates, please visit our Lessons & Payment page. Notice: Rebates no longer valid for the One-on-One Collaborationorial. Ongoing Studies is considered a career development/personal gain programme and does not fulfil the university's requirements to submit 1098-T taxation documents to undergraduates.

This form is only available for tuition fees for Bachelor's or Master's programmes.

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Below you will find information on the funding requirements and tuition fees for the Adobe ASP. Good creditworthiness from academia and finance will be awarded for the period 15 th to18 th years. A good university reputation is measured as a minimum of 3.00 and no more than an excellent, underachievement.

The tuition fees are checked annually and can be adapted according to the dynamic of the markets. University Employer Re-imbursement Plan (ERP) is aimed at those whose employer offers a refund of tuition fees. The student is obliged to bear the cost of the lessons and the cost of the textbooks and material.

Postgraduate and postgraduate studies can be eligible for either government or personal credits. As a rule, the eligible status of a government grant is restricted to those applicants who draw on at least two academic hours of funding in the district in which they are receiving the grant. If you have any queries, please contact the Chicago Office of Financial Aids or call 312-503-8722.

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