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She shares the writing resources she couldn't live without. Competition is getting tougher and tougher when it comes to writing for the web. A helpful list of resources we find helpful. This app helps you to write better. To write in the "language of the people" see Making writing readable with the plaintext macro and the Hemingway editor:

Includes 8 writing tools that every author should know about

Writers may work more hard than necessary if they don't use the tools available for their work. Don't worry, we are here to help with eight writing instruments that all authors should include in their toolbox. Are you inspired by everyday things?

Can you write down a note on a piece of hard copy, but how often do you loose or not? LiveScribe 3 smartpipe uses Blue tooth to transfer your sketches and memos to your phone. Or, if you want to take a note, the stylus can also record sound with a built-in mic. Anyone who uses a computer a lot is prone to eye pain, but writers are particularly at risk because of their common ways of learning.

The majority of authors would shy away from writing a long paper on a small touch screen. Contains a wide range of ressources for freelancers, such as advice, vacancies and on-line portfolios-hosting. On his website he also has writing work. If you can't find a suitable position, you can still build a free on-line profile to present your work to people.

Contently algorithms scan your portfolios and forward them if you have the necessary writing capabilities. If you are interested in writing, please contact us. T-Shirts describe themselves as "the web application that inspires you to do so. To make you better informed about your writing patterns, it tracks how much you are writing each time.

"If you miss several working day's of writing, you will be notified by the" Accounability Buddies". When you receive a misspelling, you can visit a Prompt Reading Room reading room, adjust a timers to test yourself to a certain amount of writing for a certain period of writing, or even view an essay about the customs of winning writers. Browse your memos even if you don't know where you have it.

What are your tools for writing?

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