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Authoring Tools

Heingway will make your writing fat and clear. The author Jane Smiley once described it as "a typewriter, if ever there was one". People sometimes ask me:'Which writing programs do you use? And. What are the best blogging tools?

The Writing Tools for Authors is a collection of tutorials that I hope will be useful to any author who wants to take complete control of the publishing process.

Authoring Tools and Resources

Folks often ask me what tools and ressources I use, so I've put together the most important ones on this page. Please note: Some of the hyperlinks are affiliated hyperlinks, which means that I earn a small amount of cash when you click through. I' m using all these things myself and recommending only those I can rely on, so I just hopefully they'll be useful and you can alwaysogle them if you don't want to use my shortcut.

scrivener. Scrivener is my favorite and I use it to create all my textbooks. It' an astonishing writing tool with excellent drag-and-drop features, so you can't spell in order and just change things around later. To learn how I use Scrivener to create my book, click here. When you want to optimise your Scrivener use, e.g. understanding which boxes do what when compiling your data, I suggest the Learn Scrivener Fastraining. It is excellent and can shorten the learn time.

I want my journalist and reviewer to assume that the script is as neat as possible, and I am learning every single day I do this work. You can find more information about the trial and professional editorial staff here. It' really great to format and you can find out here why I switched from Scrivener to Vellum to format it.

I recently used some inexpensive reviews from K-lytics to identify the dates to be used for new titles and also for re-positioning older titles. Reccomend KDP Rocket - click here to try it. I am a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Authors for information about independent authors, contacts to sector specialists and other authors and other advantages.

BookBub is still the big hit for e-mail blast books, but I also suggest FreeBooksy, BargainBooksy, Red Feather Romance and AllInBooks. You' ve got choices for where you're on your writers trip, it's more affordable than BookBub and you're more likely to be adopted. Do you need an author's website?

If you are serious about a long-term writing careers, I suggest that authors should have a self-hosted, professional-looking website.

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