Writing to text App

Write to Text App

It' the best text scanner[OCR] ! High speed & highest quality in all Android apps! Convert an image to text. The default iOS keyboard is displayed by default. It is the only application you need to write on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Notes Plus in the App Store

It is a high-performance notes editor that has allowed many users to work without paper. In this overcrowded notepad, Notes Plus is different from other applications: - The new App was one of the few feature-rich applications to be launched right after the launch of the first one. Profit from Notes Plus:

  • Superior hand-writing performance with crisp inks, wrist repellency and near-write modes for smooth writing. - Conversion from manuscript to text. - Text entered. - Insert pictures from photos or directly from the viewfinder. - Export your memos as PDF or pictures to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, e-mail and other applications.

I am currently switching from NoteShelf2 to Notes Plus by sending an e-mail to support@notesplusapp.com or visiting our customer service page: http://notesplusapp.com. I' m a student of Mandarin and it just felt better to type the Mandarin signs. the ice-loud synchronc. Note Plus simply synchronizes the notebook between the pad and the phone, and Noteshelf 2 does not have this feature at the moment of writing.

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It is used for so many things: taking memos in a meeting or conference, writing diaries, writing my Bible memos, recording all kinds of thoughts, drawing charts and much more. It' s great that pictures and sounds can be taken in my memos. I' ve tried many of the other applications, but I keep coming back to Lotus Notes Plus.

It' nice UI (I really like the wooden effect buttons rod-selection ), the handwriting recording and the broad range of user-friendly implements are second to none. Since it can do so much despite its simplicity, it has a longer study cycle than some applications, but it's a pleasure to study and it' a reward!

I' ve been taking hand-written memos on my iPad Mini for years and I can get by with a passport writing instrument and my fingers. They are gorgeous and improve hand-writing and live more than any other application I've used. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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