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Write submissions

Writers are encouraged to submit their contributions. We are looking for submissions of short stories, poems, personal essays or excerpts (which stand alone) from each genre. writings Next contingency you have a paper you want to in, why not just mail it to us? Performers tell us that after reaching more than 70,000 dedicated Sun users, they often learn from old buddies and new admire. In order to conserve your and our times, we recommend that you take a look at The Sun before signing up.

The Pushcart Prize was won by The Sun and was chosen for the Best American Essays and Best American Short Stories Anklologies. Our publications include non-fiction, literature and poems. While we prefer to write in person, we also look for provoking plays on politics and culture. Encouraging authors to submit their contributions.

It is not recommended that you submit them at the same time. It' a lonely act, but when what you've posted goes to our faithful readers, it can be a little less like it. Or you can submit your typewritten, two-line entry (together with an address, franked envelope): Your Sun 107 N. Roberson St. work will not be sent back without adequate shipping, and we cannot reply if no reply is presented.

From the Sun interview with cutting-edge and provoking minds. And we like to interview things that expand our intellect and yet stay open. We are always looking for votes that are not usually audible in the mainstream press and are particularly interested in interviewing female and colored music. All we do is post question-and-answer interviews: no profile.

Personal interview is best. They can also enter your tapped, two-line submission: Sun 107 N. Roberson St. Reader's Write asks the reader to raise issues where they are the only agencies. We' re only publishing articles in Reader's Write. It is not as important to write as it is to be thoughtful and sincere. There' s no limitation of words, but we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the section before submitting it.

Please do not hesitate to post your letter under "Name Withheld" if it allows you to be more upfront. They can also suggest a futuristic Readers Write theme. They can also enter your tapped, two-line submission: We are interested in monochrome images. If we take a photo, we keep it in the files until we find a place in the warehouse.

Sometimes it can take quite a while to find the right edition for an approved photo, but we check each picture in our files when we compile each month's number. Sun 107 N. Roberson St. You can send us conventional monochrome printings between 4 × 6 and 11 × 14.

Web sites and advertising banners with more than one photo per page will not be regarded as official entries. Entries sent by post must be enclosed by a prepaid, address label or mailbox for our reply and the returning of your work.

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