Writing Styles

styles of writing

One text can contain more than one style. The style of writing in literature often refers to the way thoughts are expressed in a language that is characteristic of an individual, a period, a school or a nation. There are four main styles of writing that are generally accepted: expository, descriptive, narrative and convincing. All these styles fit into four categories: expository, descriptive, convincing and narrative. Several essays require different spellings.

Styles of writing - About writing: One guideline

The four major forms of writing are expositorial, explanatory, convincing and storytelling. All of these writing styles are used for a particular use. One text can contain more than one font type. Writing expositories is one of the most frequent spellings. If a writer is writing in an expositorial writing styles, he is only trying to clarify a conception and to convey information about himself to a broader group.

Expositorial writing does not contain the opinion of the writer, but concentrates on acceptable facts on a subject, as well as statistical or other proof. Writing is often found in literature, but can also appear in non-fiction books (e.g. memoir, first-hand event reports or guidebooks). If a writer is writing in a description stylistic way, he paints a portrait in words of a character, a place or a thing for his people.

Authors can use metaphors or other literature to describe the author's five sense experiences (what they listen to, see, smell, savour or touch). However, the writer does not try to persuade the public of anything or to describe the scenes, but only to describe things as they are.

Convincing writing is the primary way of writing that you will use in your university work. If a writer is writing in a convincing way, he tries to persuade the public of a certain attitude or faith. Convincing letter contains the views and prejudices of the writer as well as explanations and grounds which the writer cites as proof of the accuracy of his sentiments.

Every "argumentative" paper you are writing in class should have the convincing writing skills. The word pronunciation is used in almost every long text, whether fictional or non-fiction. If a writer is writing in a narrow sense, he is not only trying to convey information, but also to build and convey a history with personalities, conflicts and attitudes.

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