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What is the best screenplay software? See user reviews of leading systems. Note to the editor: WhiteSmoke has been sponsoring the blog for some time, and we often receive emails from readers asking how good their software is. Note that I focused mainly on Grammarly Premium in this test. Now that I've written this grammar review, my answer is no.

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Today's topic of the review: FreeWriter! Free Writer has both a free and a pro release and offers the possibility to try the pro functions for 10 workingdays and to compare the two. It is $19 for the Pro edition, in this test report I will give you information about the free edition, but also what would be available if you would upgrade (I tried both versions).

First, FreeWriter has a proper help section. Reading her handbook and finding out how to use the programme was pretty easy. FreeWriter's default setting is straightforward, so you can set up a chapters submenu in the area on the lefthand side and then organise parts of your books within that one.

This free edition allows you to create fundamental compositions with its empty text areas, look at your thoughts and comments while writing and combine "thoughts" throughout the entire duration of the game. The FreeWriter also allows a split-screen web browsing mode where you can browse through the application pane while viewing your text and notices.

You can only use it to save as.txt or.rtf, but you can directly start printing from the application, so that if you have a PDF reader in your system, you can simply generate a PDF. However, the Pro edition has many extra functions. After upgrading to the Pro evaluation software, a "Items" section appears in the lefthand side area.

Actually, this is quite a nice thing. When this function is activated, you can not only generate these "elements" and store them for later viewing, but also mark them in various areas of the work. There is an "Attribute Wizard" that guides you through the process of typing in information about your characters and even gives you name proposals and other help if you want.

The" Attribute Assistant" guides you through the description of profession, size, form, even "how they smells for others" and a multitude of other interesting things, such as their predilections, convictions, goals and backgrounds such as "bad experience of childhood" bit by bit. The FreeWriter also allows you to generate color-coded index tabs in the thought field of each section and then organize them by thematic or concept.

Use it to upload pictures to your thought-board, or linking web pages and/or data from your computer. They can also generate "thoughts" and include these thoughts in various sections, scenarios, etc. It is available in both the pro and free version, except in the pro version, when you click on a thought, you will get a listing of your items (characters, places, etc.) as a category about which the thought can be.

Pro also provides a backup/restore function (not available in Free). Overall, I found this programme useful, though not very multifaceted. Upgrading to the Pro release provides a good selection of choices for a fairly good value ($19), as shown above. If you are organizing primarily on the basis of contours, this programme could work quite well, as it is simple to browse the links to move between sections and the capability to define targets for counting words is of use.

However, to be truly FREE, you will be restricted to a fairly fundamental suite of features (as described above). FreeWriter can be accessed here: http://www.freewritersoftware.com. Coming up, part 3 of my Free Writing Software Review Series:

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