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Spending a lot of time writing on your PC? Most powerful writing tools for bloggers: Writing symbols easily for everyone: the perfect tool for struggling and aspiring writers. The ClaroRead for Windows PC supports reading and writing. Download and install Urdu Typing Tool on your PC, Mac, iPhone & Android Mobile.

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PC Write was a modelless text editors that used command-line symbols and specific functions keys to make various edits. As standard, it accepts many of the same hot keys as WordStar and adds many of its own functions. There were also functions for embedding controls into a file to allow auto section renumeration, font italics, etc., and a useful tool for report handling (as used in Auto LISP) was the capability to find appropriate open and close parentheses"( )"; this adjustment also worked for the other matched characters:

Rows starting with certain n and/or a dot (.) included instructions that were analyzed when the documents were printout, e.g. to specify border size, choose the delite or picka types or the number of text rows that would match a page[3], e.g. in escape seq.

A special aspect of PC-Write was the free forms processing implementation: It could copy and past a text segment anywhere. First Trojan Horses (published 1986), PC-Write Trojan, disguised as "Version 2. 72 " of the sharedware text processing PC-Write. Entire Earth Software Catalog. Andrews, Paul (January 23, 1991).

"The software company is sold." Andrews, Paul (June 25, 1991). "Shareware Pioneer PC-Write updated by Quicksoft". "Quicksoft PC-Write Publishers can't find a business associate, closes." Andrews, Paul (November 8, 1993). "Quicksoft Software Company Closing Doors -- Makers Of PC-Write Fixed In Efforts To Find A Partner". "wordprocessing in the honor system."

"PC Word Processing for PC & PCjr". COMPUTER-WRIT:: High-quality word processing at a cost that is difficult to defeat Review of PC-Write in Computer and Communication 2(4), August 1985, page 78.

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