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Developed for creative authors, JotterPad is a simple text editor without the effort and distraction of a word processor. It' the perfect application for taking notes and writing a novel on your phone or tray. Are you using your Android tablet as a writing instrument? ""Write is a minimalist text editor for Android tablets. Fulfills the main goal and is free, but not an exclusive, novel writing software.

Top 8 writing apps for Android you can use (2017)

When you are something like me and like to write, you know that it can be tedious to administer all your paperwork and notes. With all the good writing applications in the Android Store, I suggest that you also write on your Android-device. And if you like this concept, the next step is to ask yourself which applications are best suited for you?

To make this choice a little bit more easy, I've tried some of the applications and found some really good ones. This is a listing of the 8 best writing applications for Android that you can use: The JotterPad is without a doubt one of the best writing applications you can use. You can even synchronize them with clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive so you don't loose any stored music.

Because JotterPad believe in exchanging great content, you can easily exchange and distribute your file in a variety of file types including DOCX, TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF and simple text. JotterPad's text editors have a very minimalist user surface. Although you may not find any tool for processing words such as fonts and different fonts, the application provides metrics such as estimated read times and number of words, paragraphs and characters.

There' s also an Advanced Keyboard feature that allows you to change fonts and add pictures or links. Included with the Final Draft 10 release is the Fountain export and storage of Fountain documents in Final Draft 10. iA Writer displays its Quick Start document in its Microsoft Outlook Writer for the first iA Writer opening.

Back in the back of the screen, you can toggle between the personal and business areas and generate new directories and data from them. And you can synchronize your document on clouds such as Google Drive and Dropbox. iA Writer's text editors offer you edit functions such as fonts and listings and have an integrated lexicon.

When you mistype a term, you will see a underscore with a new underscore. Some other useful functions can improve your feel for your type, such as night mode and counting words. As soon as you have finished writing, you can look at the documents as templates in different font styles such as Sans, Serif and Mono.

Finally, you can link your WordPress accounts to iA Writer and upload them from within the application. G Suite's writing application, Google Docs. As a Google application, it provides smooth Google Drive connectivity. In addition, your work is stored in near-realtime. That means you don't have to store your file every few seconds to prevent losing your file, because Google Docs does it automatic.

This application allows you to generate new Microsoft Word or Google Docs documents and modify them. All of the DOCX file formats are stored by defaults, but you can also make a copy in DOCX formats in the preferences. When you talk about preferences, you can also decide to make your last few data available off-line.

There are many formatsting possibilities in the Microsoft Office formatter. Among other things, these parameters can be the typeface, character type, text colour, emphasis colour, indent and space between paragraphs. Additional useful features are page alignment, page sizes, spell checking and number of words. As with most other Google spreadsheets, you can either publish them through a shared links or by email.

One of the most widely used text editing tools on a computer - Microsoft World - also has its application in Plays Store. In the same way that Google Docs enables smooth Google Drive integrations, it does the same with OneDrive. Either open a document from your machine or a cloudservice or build a new one with the application.

It offers many known functions like fonts, typeface, font sizes, colors, paragraphs and more. Sharing your file either via OneDrive or as an e-mail attachement. When you are used to Microsoft Word on your computer, I suggest that you try downloading the application to your Android dev.

The Monospace is a very easy but powerful writing application. Although it does not offer the editors like most other applications, it is a bit more powerful. If you are creating a new document, you can either name it yourself or choose "Auto Name" to name it by date and hour.

There are no overloaded text editing functions. If you want to format your document, long click on the text and you will see text styles, text sizes, listings, quotation marks and clipboards. You can use hash tags to organize your data in different ways.

Test#Demo " in the above picture indicates that this executable is stored in a directory with the name "Demo", which is still in another name. The Writer Plus is another easy writing application. It is even possible to organise your data in different directories. The text editors provide text resizing and resizing capabilities for Droid Serif and Roboto fonts.

One hash tag specifies a headline - the increase in the number of hash tags reduces the headline length, duplicate tiles are crossed out, a singular star becomes italic, duplicate stars become fat, and triples of stars become either bolder or italic. For a disordered listing, you can either use a'+' or a'-', and for ordered listing, you can just use numbers.

You can also include quotation marks with the greater-than character (>). Finally, there is a sleep option in which you can change the Apple preferences to blacks. is very similar to it. Indeed, it is a very simple copy of Copywriter Plus.

With Writer, you can type without much reformatting. In contrast to Writer Plus, you can only generate data instead of creating directories. Texteditor shows you only the fundamental stats such as number of words and characters and the approximate read-times. Basically, the format you get is exactly the same as in Writer Plus.

When you have entered something, you can circle it and then tap the checkmark to adjust the image to your needs. As with Google Docs, your laptop is automatically stored every few mins. These Android writing applications make writing on an Android phone less complicated than you think.

So if you plan to do something small or even long, these applications should do the job for you. So which writing application will you use on your Android phone? Tell us your favourite Android writing devices in the comment field below.

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