Writing Skills Training Courses

Skill writing training courses

At the end of this course you will be able to These are practical workshops that focus on the skills participants need to do their jobs better. Effectively strategic business writing: Catalogue: Brief courses: Executives Education: Programs: The Kelley School of Business: University of Indiana Do you write as effectively as you think? You have the task of composing a daily mix of e-mails, notes, letters and/or stories. To be able to write well is often mentioned as the most important prerequisite for companies that want to recruit new staff or encourage them from within.

Yet improvement as an economic journalist is hardly the first thing that comes to our minds when we are looking for rapid success in our work. In Kelley, the chance is there. To be an efficient communication tool in today's competition-oriented world means to be concise, coherent and clear.

Toss out the windows what you think you know about commercial correspondence. During the course of the course you will analyse core strategy, assess a wide range of current commercial documentation and implement the strategy in different target groups and in different settings. The logic of this course - understanding, analyzing and practicing easy-to-use policies - is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their commercial typing ability to create effective, reader-oriented corporate documentation that produces results.

She is a teacher at the Kelley School of Music. Her teaching, consulting and coaching in various areas of economic communications for Kelley MBA and student as well as for a multitude of organisations. Her work has included conducting a number of workshop s such as Tech Excellence and BWT Works for a wide range of organisations such as healthcare providers, finance institutes and enterprise education, and 12 classes for Lynda.com/LinkedIn, which include Plain English and Speech as well as B/W Fundamentals.

Mr. Hutton is a member of the Kelley School of Business and Hutton Honors College. Barwick is co-author of Strategic Business Authoring e-text with Steiner-Williams and has written a number of essays and books on the subject of literacy and education. Kelley School of Business and non-profit organisations offer specials.

If you would like to request a rebate or if you would like to get an invoice, please call Kim Ennis, Programme Managers, directly at 812-855-5182 or ksbee@indiana.edu. An exchange can be made at any point before the programme starts. After successfully completing this programme you will be issued a certificate stating that you have successfully finished this course.

Please call Kim Ennis, Programme Director, for more information on this course: In Kelley, the chance is there. If you would like more information about our forthcoming crash course or other open registration opportunities, please e-mail us.

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