Writing Skills Training Courses

Skill writing training courses

So who should participate? This course concentrates on the development of your writing skills to make sure that a good and proffesional corporate identity is created in all your writing and e-mail. This course is for those who need to report, suggest and send messages as part of their roles and want to develop their writing skills.

Students should provide documentation that they have submitted and/or are required to submit. Jill Mulhern, agente des services à la clientèle, HEAnet Ltd.

Executive Writing Skills Training Courses - Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Do you know that an estimate of 30% of all corporate e-mails are designed to clear up misunderstandings emanating from the other 70%? With more and more organisations coming to this conclusion, training commercial writing skills has become a basic tool for skills building activities. The course provides an introductory course in writing e-mails, memoranda and company newsletters.

In this course we will describe and implement scriptwriting and patterning skills tailored to the needs of the market. First and foremost, we value a clear, straightforward and friendly approach to day-to-day work. The course uses a wide range of teaching materials, such as writing activity, story boarding, controlled experimentation and vido.

Any person who works in a commercial environment in which he/she is required to make an effective statement in writing.


The writing clearly, succinctly and with the consideration of the readers has become an important ability in the development of industrial relations. The course is aimed at everyone who needs to communicate important information and thoughts in writing. This course covers all skills of writing to make your reader's (and your child's) lives more comfortable.

You will gain a thorough knowledge of contemporary English language writing and enable you to create more effective and professional work. Everyone whose English language proficiency is B1 or higher (CEFR language reference) and who wants to enhance the skills of English language-writing.

Well, you can hope to see that you learned how to write: Applicants who have successfully completed at least 75% of the course and the thesis will receive a confirmation of participation. Please see our example of a paying-in slips, we can only process your order by wire remittance.

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