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KONCEPTS Welcome to Advanced Knowledge Management in the field of English Literature, a set of study units to help you improve and practise a set of efficient literacy/competencies. You' ll be immersed in the Maya and Chris adventure using the hands-on tutorials of each one. By accompanying Maya and Chris on their quests, you will build your ability to express yourself in words - from signs and styles to arguments - and increase the strength of your speech in and beyond the office.

Although there are many hurdles to typing, we have decided to concentrate on the following topics that are critical to your typing success: It is an invitation to research the way authors succeed in changing the way they use languages to work best in different settings - from sound and phrasing to styles - with a special emphasis on how they can create a powerful, compelling scholarly part.

Come join our Maya, Chris and Josh as they play a ball match and find out how to make a winning university write pitches. It concentrates on one of the most frequent style decisions in writing: the use of the positive and the negative part. It is a range of communications utilities that you can use to enhance the clearness and accuracy of your speech.

Joining Maya, Chris and Vlad as they try to get Vlad to his orchestral practice on schedule and teach them how to use punctuation to help them score the right grades in their work. Accompany Maya, Chris and Fiona in their search for a communal gardens at their universities and find out what it means to find reasons to become established in an effective way in academia.

Catherine Alfano, lecturer, program for writing and oratory. She specialises in giving classes on the subjects of electronic communications, games and on-line community. Christine, co-author of Envision's booklet, has written on a wide range of subjects related to the use of language in public speaking, education and on-line education. Lecturer Erik Ellis, program for writing and oratory.

He has given classes on image literature, the use of words and pictures in public speaking, and multi-media etudes. In the Multimodal Literacies and Emerging Genres series, his article "Back to the Future?: The Pedagogical Promise of the (Multimodal) Essay" is published. Lecturer at the University, program for composition and oratory. He is teaching rhetorical and written language classes with a focus on music theatre, performances and psyche.

Lecturer Sohui Lee, program for writing and rhetoric. Lee Sohui Lee lectures classes on optical and multi-modal communications and explores compositional education. Ms. Carpenter is co-editor of Russell Carpenter of The Routledge Reader on Writing Center and New Media A (2013) and her paper "Situated Designs for Multiliteracy Centers":

Rhetorical Approach to Visual Design" erschien in der DEZA : A Journal of Multiliteracy and Innovation (Herbst 2014). She is currently working on a text book on the introduction of composing studies to multi-modal speech and drafting, entitled Designs foromposition. egan o'connor, academic technologist, program in literacy and oratory. Degussa is developing ways to deploy rich media technologies in the classroom, both on- and offline.

Previously, as an artiste and videoographer, Megan worked on the Stuart Collection at UC San Diego, producing the Stuart Collection podcasts, directing the Finding Home and being an artist-in-residence at the Homestead National Monument of America. Lecturer John Peterson, program for composition and oratory. He is teaching rhetorical and written language classes with a focus on fine art, cultural studies and educational subjects.

He is currently working on his books About Free Speech and Improvisation to explore how to teach improvement in the era of alsynchronous electronics literacy. This is Carolyn Ross, lecturer, program for literature and oratory. He is teaching multi-modal composing, which includes audiovisual podcasts, in classes focusing on community-based research and literacy, environment rhetorics and scientific comunication.

Lisa is a photojournalist, author and author of two schoolbooks: She is a German author, a German author and a poet: Its research interests are focused on videogames, rhetorics and identities; its releases comprise My Avatar, My Self: Identity in Role-Playing games (2009) and the revised series of articles entitled Termin of Play: esays on Words that Matter in Videogame Theory (2013).

Each author who wants to enhance his or her typing abilities, especially with regard to the five subjects dealt with in these five sessions. The course consists of five sessions, each based on a unique topic or notion.

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