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Well-known as the attachment for the best frame effect of the tent, it should be widespread, but seen from Numerus it has also been excellent for some locations. It is not so easy to find a real essay writing service. Online Writing Lab - Exercises - Interactive Quizzes - Online resources for authors. Adult writings and works of art are not published. Theory, technology and practice are combined in Writing for the Web to explore writing and hypertext for website creation.

There are 110 sites you are paying to submit an item, immediately.

There has been a great deal happening since the last two listings were published; some of the pages are no longer live, some of the pages have ceased to accept posts from free authors, and there is not so much variation in the category of the preceding listings, since most of the pages presented were either designer or technical pages.

It is a more complete listing, contains more pages and will be up to date in 2015. There are 70 pages directly on this page so they won't get broken, but you can view the complete page as PDF and spreadsheets (also as PDF). Pages contained within are accepting entries in over 55 different catagories.

Yes, you can enter items in at least 55 different sections, so there is no apology, as this lists contains just about everything. Usually websites charge $50 or more per item; more than half of the websites are approved to do so. Eventually, 64 of the 110 sites are scanned to earn at least $50 per item; in all, more than 64 sites over $50, but we were only able to validate 64 sites on the site in what way.

In some cases, pages even charge up to $1,000 per item. This site pays for items in real money. While some of the pages on this checklist will charge you upon receipt of your item, others will charge you a few extra working nights or more. By clarifying with the above, it is important to keep in mind that overall this full review contains over 6,400 words and over 100 hyperlinks; for optimisation purposes, as far as my site is concerned, this is not perfect, so I can only directly include 70 of the sites in the full listing below, but you can get the full listing in the format of an easy-to-access PDF and Excel to.

Obtain the complete listing of 110 web pages you want to create in a fun PDF format as well as in concise spreadsheets (also as PDF), and I will also keep sending you new and refreshed pages on a regular basis, even if this listing has not been up-dated. Pages in this section are priced at least $50 per item; you can make significantly more than $50 with most of them, and some even as high as $1,000 according to the type of post you make.

Items can be about making profit, savings or investment. Items with 700-800 words are preferred and you have to arrange the fee with the journalist. You will receive $75 if your item is approved and you can make up to $800 in bonus points based on how popular your item becomes.

You want items related to holistic and wellbeing, and they favor items to be in the 600 - 1,000 word range. What are you looking for? You are paying $50 per item and will be paid within 30 business day of post. You' ll be charged $50 if you accept an item and you' re expecting items in the 1,500 - 2,000 word area.

As a rule, you will be informed within 2 week if your item has been approved. You pick about 30 - 40 items per months from authors and there is no limitation on the number of items you can enter. It accepts successful tales and hands-on advices from authors, and anything that aims to help authors make money.

Items are normally approved within a fortnight of filing and you will receive $45 if you wish to receive your cheque or $50 if you wish to receive your Paypal payments. That site will be paying you $50 for an item on user loan, and they prefer you to deposit a full item instead of send them a pitches.

The authors are accepting papers that aim to help authors make a living, and they favour papers in the 600-word area. You' re paying $60 a item. You will be accepting listed products about everything that was not previously discussed on their website. You like to have listings of uncommon or interesting things, at least 1,500 words and at least 10 entries.

You' re looking for items that focus on trading on-line, and you'll be permitted a biography under the item with a back to your blogs. You' re paying $75 for items in the 400-600 word and $125 per item over 600 words. Payments are made once a months, the following months.

One of the most important things to remember is that they don't just buy educational materials. They accepted items about older students' literacy, and they are paying about $75-$135 per item. You would rather have the authors submit a finished paper than a pitches. If you are accepting items on subjects related to the rust belt area and they are paying $50-$500 for items, whether you have an attachment, a comment, or whether you are doing long-shape coverage.

income diary accepted items about just about anything that has to do with starting an on-line store; items can be about making cash on-line, getting transport, playing sports, playing games, or anything related to webbiz. You' ll want to throw first and then post after your item has been approved. You will be charged $50 - $200 per item via Paypal after your item is accepted.

One fine parent will accept handy parentaling tips and besides paying $100 per tip, you can also have a connection back to your site in your Postbio. At the end of the year, if your item is at the top of the favorites lists, you will also receive a $200 rebate.

Entries can be submitted for designs or onlineorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or other open code designs or utilities, and you will receive everything from $75 to $200 per item. Payments are made via Paypal, and you will often know within 7 working hours whether your item has been approved. You' ll also be able to add a biography to your posts that may have a back to your website.

You' ll want to submit your item ideas for approvals before you begin writing, and you can post about best practice in the business, item memos, how-to's, and so on. Get $60 - $100 per item, or more if you are an business wiz. You' ll receive $50 per item if you submit a fast tip that is cleared, or up to $300 per item if you submit a full intro that is acceptable.

You will only be accepting Photoshop products. You are accepting items for travelling, with a penchant for items that help your reader to get charged for travelling. Entries should be in the 300-600 word category, and they will cost up to $200 per item, subject to the type of entry. You will be charged when your item is published.

Although they accepts items on a wide array of subjects, they have a penchant for items related to the areas of product development, freelance or production. You' re paying $100 - $200 per item. Adopting posts about user-centric designs, they favour authors advertising their authors before they submit an author. You' ll be paying $100 per item for items ranging from 1,200 to 1,800 words.

You will be accepting genuine trip items and you will want to be thrown before writing the item. You want items in the 1,000 to 2,000 word $100 to $150 per item. You' ll be accepting interesting items about just about anything and paying via Paypal. You' re paying $100 for a full-length item and $50 for items that give a fast insight into the latest news, popular cultural and more.

Tweak your WordPress idea for items to them and show that you want a refund for your items. It is preferable to be at least 1,200 words and they usually charge $30 - $100 per item. You have a preferred choice of 800 - 2,500 words and a penchant for independent travelling.

You' re paying $30 - $50 per item. At A List Apart we accept items from webmasters, webmasters, webmasters, webmasters, webmasters, webmasters, webmasters, content strategists and information architects. You' d rather give them enough information about your item to help them make a decision, or even better, send them a preliminary design. You' ll be paying $200 per item and expecting items in the 1,500 to 2,000 word area.

Take a Life Writing is a top writing blogs and welcomes hands-on essays and other authors' case studies. You will be paid upon publishing your item. You are accepting web developement and web designing items, and you would rather have a coarse outline of your item if you already have it.

You' ll be charged up to $200 per item. Feel free to contribute to the web site with web design essays and web design guides in any web design program languages, PHP, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3 and server-side JavaScript included. They can post about WordPress in the form of posts and online training; they expect to receive posts from authors 1 - 4 issues a week, and you can select any subject that will appeal to their audiences as long as it has to do with WordPress.

We invite you to send in your article and video graphics, drawings, etc. as well. Items can be about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Sketch app, CorelDRAW and other related applications. Contribute your article and artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Instructions must be Vectordiary-only and you pay $150 via Paypal per upload.

Feel free to post on a wide range of topics related to the open Linux open resource eco-system; your article may relate to Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora or other Linux-related topics. They are encouraged to write one-of-a-kind essays about writing; they have a penchant for interviewing, publication tendencies, self-publication advice and professional accomplishments.

They could be writing about anything to do with web design; there is a penchant for HTML, SASS, or SSS. You' re compensable $150 for nonfiction and $200 for visual communication; for nonfiction that are carefree and that the application believe do excavation traffic-wise, you can be compensable $300 or statesman.

These is a website targeted at gender training for adolescents and they request gender related articles from high schools or undergraduates 19 years old or younger. Metroparents is looking for parental items in the County of Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne. You' re paying $50 - $75 for "department columns" and $150 - $350 for feature in the 1,000 - 2,500 word area.

You' ll be accepting contributions on life and retirement abroad. You are accepting contributions to adults and preferred items in the 200 - 1,000 word area. You' ll be charged $50 if you take delivery of the items. You' ll be accepting items about just about anything to do with pottery, with a penchant for items about pottery in energy, pottery in the environment, news and trends, etc.

You' re paying $50 per item for items related to travelling, game, ecology, desertification, and the rich heritage and nature of the North American deserts. You' re looking for items ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 words, whichever area you contribute to. You' ll be accepting stories about adventure, civilization and identity from all over the globe.

You would like to submit an initial design of your item and want a limit of 1,500 words per item. There are 24 extra sites in the full listing that cost more than $50 per item and a combined 110 sites. These sites do not specify openly how much they are paying for items, and my research could not uncover how much they are paying for items.

However just because they are listet as sites with no specified wage does not mean that they are paying low; many of these sites are offering very competitive wage, and many are paying far more than $50 per item. You are accepting items about losing weights, exercise and other related healthcare issues; you favour authors who have some kind of certificate.

Feel free to contribute article about anything related to design/programming; your article can refer to CSS, Illustrator, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL, PHP or Photoshop. You have a penchant for listed items and preferably 1,000-word minimums. You have a penchant for article related to the premium/commercial WordPress community, and you want to be 100% WordPress focussed and at least 1,000 words.

You' re welcome to add Photoshop items, vector kits, iconsets, brush packages, texture packages, and inspirational post. They will be payed at the end of the monthly publishing of your item and you will also be permitted to return to your site in your item organic links.

Simpétalk is a trade magazine that more than 400,000 Microsoft pros are reading; they are accepting and paying for SQL-related editorial. They can post news, op-ed posts, feature pages and reports on Judaic arts and cultures. You' ll be charged by ACH or cheque when your item is published. You are interested in reports, such as travelogues, interviews, listings and opinions.

Preference is given to papers that do not exceed 1,500 words and would like the author to provide their full design when trying to be featured with them. And they' re paying professionals for their contributions to the site. They' re accepting items about just about everything that has to do with the people around them.

You prefer to read about the economy, the educational system, the environmental system, social issues and equity. You' ll be accepting reports on just about anything from a humanistic point of view; you could be submitting reports on academia, the arts, politics or even newscasts. You agree to write about Java and you must agree to pay with your editor before you begin writing your story.

You agree to read about everything related to parachuting. Most of the posts they are accepting favour items with at least 500 words. You' ll be accepting items about anything to do with designing and expecting items with at least 500 words. It is important to check the fee with the editor before you begin writing.

You are looking for authors who can provide you with new views and ideas about the game. You are looking for your item you need to first contact the publisher to argue your item notion as well as to settle for your item. We invite you to write contributions on a wide range of subjects.

However, you do demand that your items come in the shape of a "question and answer". They' re accepting items about just about everything. Accepting hands-on reports and histories, their goal is to help the reader repeat the actions the writer has taken to get certain results in the work. You will be charged upon receipt of your item.

Adopting and paying for items about web page designs and coding; you can post items and create HTML, Javascript, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop and other related web-based styles. In general, Noupe welcomes items about web designing and developing, and they also do so. Subsequent pages are charged under $50 per item.

Whilst I won't really be recommending them, I've worked with many authors who said they weren't optimistic enough to get close to the big sites and get started with the low-paying sites and then improve theirs. This site is for you. You' re payin' you to post uplist about everything story; your articles have to be singular to the site and they are expecting listings to have around 5 - 20 items, with every Item having around 70 - 200 words.

You are expecting posts in about 600 - 1,000 words, and can write about anything related to writing, as well as break into different marketplaces, search for new writing skills or free-lance writers' track records. They' re accepting newscasts about just about anything, and they want them to contain about 200-1,000 words.

You must make payment within 30 workingdays after your item is published. You agree to read about everything related to the Internet. You' ll be accepting items related to all craft and they'll be paying a $35 limit when accepting your items. You are looking for items about e-commerce and on-line sales, and you are looking for items in the 100 - 500 word area.

You' ll be accepting items related to famous cosmetic surgeries, famous cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgeries and everything else related to cosmetic surgeries. You' re paying $25 via Paypal or Paypal for items and you' re expecting items to have a max of 1,500 words. You are looking for items and tales ranging from 1,100 to 1,300 words, and you are paying $30 per item when your item is published.

You are looking for items with less than 1,000 words. You' re paying $30 per approved item when your item is published. Download all the pages above and 40 more pages in one PDF and in a single PDFutable. I will also sometimes update and update the pages.

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