Writing Short Stories for Magazines

Short stories for magazines

Did you always want to write a story? Don't be different for the sake of it. Shorstory Sunday is a new home for short stories and flash fiction online. The readers enjoy short stories, and it doesn't take long to write them. The AGNI publishes a wide range of poems, short films and essays.

Would you like to create short stories for women's magazines?

While the number of women's magazines in the UK that include literature has declined in recent years, the magazines that still publish literature are doing an astonishing work. It is tough to compete, but don't let that put you off; it's great to be writing for a country where the standard is so high.

Don't be fooled into thinking that it is a small, enclosed place where very few authors can penetrate. First of all, if you have not recently been reading literature in women's magazines, you should take a closer look. There''s no replacement for a really thorough analysis of the markets, and you may be amazed at the breadth of topics that are now addressed in journal literature.

It is definitely not restricted to romantic! I' d suggest you concentrate on one or two magazines first. Their research will show you what the magazines are looking for. Don't forgetting to really analyze the stories by looking at how the authors have made their stories attractive and legible with tension, perspective, dialog, texture and thematic.

Journals also issue policies that tell you what your needs for literature are. They will give you the number of words, the type of stories they are looking for, topics you need to eschew, and all the detail you need to complete your submission. While most of the magazine's literature policies are now readily available on-line, I also suggest you check out the Womagwriter blogs, which are full of information and chatter about the various market.

  • Find a critical peer who works towards the same objective; - Work really harshly on your beginnings and ends - they are the first thing that draws the editor's attention and the last thing that stays in his head; - Take any feedbacks you get from an editor seriously and act accordingly; - Carefully note which stories you sent where so you don't unintentionally sent the same tale to two magazines simultaneously; - Let the readers know about things that interest you and evoke emotions - whether they are laughs or cries.

You' re gonna have your emotions shining through the whole thing. The reasons to write for the women's magazines short stories are several. First, you will write for a broad public. It has a print run of 111,000, for People's Friend the print run is over 240,000 - a good opportunity to place writing in front of a large number of readers and boost your writing-careers.

Second, you can be compensated for writing something you like. Payment is not enormous and differs from journal to journal, but it is always nice to be remunerated for writing something you wanted to do. It' still thrilling for me when I`m selling a thing. Though I also compose many non-fiction books, my first passion is my one.

When you can come up with a tale that comes from your own hearts that you love writing and get it released and payed, what could be better than that? Helven M Walters (formerly Helen M Hunt) is a short stories writer for magazines and her work has been featured in Woman's Weekly, My Weekly, The Weekly News, The People's Friend, Best, Yours and Take A Break Fiction Feast.

Writing short non-fiction books and writing about writing related topics for writing magazines.

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