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Aim of the guide - Organisation of academic research The purpose of this guideline is to help you organise and produce high-quality scientific work. It also contains suggestions on how to administer certain course orders. Please be aware that if you have special question on how to complete a research project, you should always consult your teacher before you start.

Your professor's particular needs will always replace the statements in these general rules.

A new layer of ancient Greek scriptures discovered in a medieval book

On first sight, the script seems to be a mediaeval chronicle of Christians' worship. But, on the same pages as the sayings, specialists using a high-tech imagery system have found a statement that was probably made in the third millennium AD on a work by the Hellenic philosophers Aristotle. This is the third antique text to be found in the strata of script on the pages that have been re-used many times.

Scientists had discovered in 2002 texts by the Mathematicians Archimedes and the politicians Hyperides from the 4th millennium B.C.. On one of the pages last year, a well-known work by Archimedes on the impetus was found, which was previously only known from an imperfect inscription. Projectmanager William Noel, manuscript trustee at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, described the latest finding as a "sensational find".

Known as Archimedes Palimpsest, the first analysis was carried out in 1906 when a Dane scientist discovered that it included works by the old mathiste. During the tenth and eighteenth centuries, a writer photocopied the old Greeks' paper scripts of papyri rolls on parchment sheets of processed hide. Later, the font washed out with a solvents such as oranges, and a new Textâa method, the so-called palimpsestin, was used.

"At the time, vellum pens were so precious that they were often re-used when the text was deemed outdated or when the topic was deemed unreasonable or less valuable," Roger L. Easton of the Rochester Institute of Technology emailed. Up to the twelfth centuary pages from five different previous works were deleted, titled and assembled into a Christmas prayers textbook, the Euchologion, now known as Archimedes Palimpsest.

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