Writing S Book

Write S-Book

It is a great addition to a writer's shelf (published or not). When you read this book and enjoy it, I recommend the writing courses. Here's what he has to say about his latest project. It is a manual for research and writing with library and internet materials. An inner story of a search for one of the greatest secrets of cosmology, derailed by the allure of the Nobel Prize.

Kaye-saying he's writing a book in person on his Twitter feed.

No one returns to the mainstream like Kanye West, who sent Kim a photo of his rotten minimalistic map on Valentine's this year, followed by 54 pictures of various beloved pairs from past years. 7 hrs and non-stop count - only to cancel his accounts the next morning.

"More *interrupting* Kanye, the children want things that disappear," a Santa Monica-based trademark advisor said to him (possibly) via a Skype address to the Kardashian-West Poole. And, we ask, what could be more #millennial than saying that your inconsistent gibberish on Twitter is a novel that' s posted in near-realtime because you don't want to loose your creativity to an editor?

A few get-togethers ago, Kanye went back to his Twitter accounts to first show some tattoo'designs' for his throat that his boyfriend Gosha Rubchinskiy had made for him - apparently with the pre-designed typeface Art Dystopia. Since then, Kanye has been competing for the length of the Ulysses, ranging from creativeness and electronic detoxification to fellowship and truths.

Achieve your own premonition. Based your action on it. When you first awaken, don't bounce right on the telephone or the web or even talk to anyone for even up to an hour if possible.

As soon as you begin to move in your heart, the world will help you. Just stop fucking with it. At the moment of our letter - because who knows what else lies ahead - our favorite is the disclosure that this uninterrupted, bland chatter is "my script that I write in reality".

Canye West writes a self-help book on Twitter

Kaye-West, a free of human compulsions, twitter again. He began in mid-April this year and it seemed as if he was mainly interested in getting feedbacks on his designs - here a boot idea, there a "Saint" tattoos - or just to share his creativity with the fans. At about 13 in 15 mintues, he announces that he will write a "book".

"By the way, this is my novel I'm going to write in person. It' s not a pecuniary chance, it is an inherent need to be expressive," he said, and added in another tweet: "I will work on this'book' when I sense it. I didn't like how much I used the term "I's" when I was reading this weet. So I turned it to "We's."

It' just like a normal writer who twitters instead of writes a text! Westminster is a common postman and delegate, so his junk mail is fleeting. As we know it, textbooks are prone to be a project that takes time, but if it is a textbook, then it is a guidebook.

It'?s a stupid thing to categorise. However, please see your new self-help guardian, Mr. West: When you waken up for the first time, do not jump directly on the telephone or the web, or talk to someone for up to an hours if possible. It' better than any film. There are 3 denentional (sic).

It' the most enjoyable way to talk.

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