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Home-events; book presentation: Fonts from the descendants of Indenture. Canye West says he's making a textbook of philosophies.

Canye West writes a volume about philosphy entitled Break the Simulation. West's girlfriend Kim Kardashian has also been interested in photography over the years - especially self-portraits. Whereas West did not mention this on the web, he named Kardashian "a Marie Antoinette of our time". "Designers tell me that my woman is a champion of lights and I am a champion of time," West said.

"The way you use your free moment is the same as being someone who can slice a stone. Our capacity to save it is more precious than our capacity to get a stone, because it is our most precious asset. To use something eternal to remember what age is is a good bar."

West published his last record The Life of Pablo in 2016.


Grace Talusan is the 2017 Non-Fiction Prize laureate for her memoirs The Body Papers. We' re looking for exceptional, unreleased contributions from up-and-coming authors of harsh, cross-cultural writings that address identities in a contemporary world. Belles lettres can be submitted in the format of a novel or a book-filling compilation of brief histories.

Submission of non-fiction books can take the guise of memoirs, a compilation of articles or a book-filling work with narratives. Belletristic scripts must be completed. Paperback entries must either be a full script or a pattern of at least 25,000 words and a full text containing a summary and a commented index.

Contributions must be submitted in English (translations welcome). Belletristic contestants must not have previously written a novel in English. Nominees must not have previously written a non-fiction in English. Encouraging contestants to look at the other awards Restless has released and the former competition winner to get an impression of our aesthetics.

Only one entry per entry per entry per deadline is accepted and entries must be made under the author's genuine name and not under a nickname. Entries are welcome. Nominees may not enter the same script for the prize in the following years unless expressly requested to do so by Restless. The Restless Foundation retains the right to ask authors to enter the prize.

RESTLEYS retains the right to review any prize submissions for publishing. As soon as a script has been chosen as the laureate, Restless will get in touch with the writer and ask him to withdraw the script elsewhere. Applicants are asked to send a CV and a one-page covering note as the first pages of their work.

Submission should reflect the applicant's writing backgrounds, his or her immigration experiences and his or her inspirations for the work entered. RESTLEY only accepts entries electronically through our submission managers. Fictional scripts must contain at least 45,000 words. Specialist books must contain at least 25,000 words.

The submission of a script is free of charge. Entries for the Fiction Prize 2018 will be submitted from 1 September 2017 to 31 March 2018. RESTLEY accepts open entries and requests nomination of writers and experts in this area. Restless editors check the entries and suggest a short list to the jurors, which selects the winners and intesters.

Obreht's first novel, The Tiger's Wife, won the Orange Prize for Film 2011 and was a finalist in the National Book Award 2011 and New York Timesbestseller. The New Yorker called her one of the twenty best US novels under forty, and she was a National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 hon.

He has written, Seine Bücher umfassen On Borned Words, Spanglish, Dictionary Days, The Disappearance und A Critic's Journey. His work has received a number of honours and accolades, such as a Guggenheim scholarship, the Chilean President's Medal, the International Latino Book Award and the Jewish Book Award. As co-founder of the Great Boooks Summer Program in Amherst, Stanford, Chicago, Oxford and Dublin, he hosts the NPR podcasts "In Contrast.

" I' ve written in a book or in a book in German that is not in the price range for this year. Do I still have eligibility? Am I qualifying for this contest as a first-generation migrant? Has Restless got open entries and can I suggest?

No. Restless does not currently openly admit applications outside the Immigrant New Write Award. Is it possible to send in a non-deadline work? No. But be on the lookout for the next submission deadline in the autumn.

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